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  1. Yes, The last letter which had an deadline of two weeks. I paid it within the deadline and earlier today I received a small payment back from the same account and as far as I understood by the transaction details it said "overpayment".  
  2. What do you mean by "financial information"? Can you please elaborate it a bit?
  3. That's what I was trying to get. I went there and they gave me these pages today. the letter I received previously has a different account number (it was this Nuremberg's account where I was today) and I transferred the amount to that account. I am not sure if they have got it or not. What I am thinking is that I should go there next week with the transfer details, may be they'll suggest me something. 
  4. Update: So, I went to the given address today here in Nuremberg and they just printed something and gave it to me and asked me to call on the given number of Rundfunkbeitrag. I am really not sure what I have to do next. I am planning to call the given number tomorrow (I hope they speak a little bit of English). Here are the pages they gave me, I did scan and translate them online but could not understand what I have to do next(A little help is much appreciated to understand it if someone has already gone through this process):  Page 1: Page 2:
  5. Do I have to pay the amount to the given account on one of these pages or there is another procedure that I have to call them and ask and follow?
  6. I have not been paying for tv license fees and received this notification. Since my German is not good, I am looking for some help to understand what it says and what do I have to do next? Images can be seen below, looking forward to someone who has received something similar or anyone who can guide me with the next steps.   [images removed, personal data]