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  1. Yes, The last letter which had an deadline of two weeks. I paid it within the deadline and earlier today I received a small payment back from the same account and as far as I understood by the transaction details it said "overpayment".  
  2. What do you mean by "financial information"? Can you please elaborate it a bit?
  3. That's what I was trying to get. I went there and they gave me these pages today. the letter I received previously has a different account number (it was this Nuremberg's account where I was today) and I transferred the amount to that account. I am not sure if they have got it or not. What I am thinking is that I should go there next week with the transfer details, may be they'll suggest me something. 
  4. Update: So, I went to the given address today here in Nuremberg and they just printed something and gave it to me and asked me to call on the given number of Rundfunkbeitrag. I am really not sure what I have to do next. I am planning to call the given number tomorrow (I hope they speak a little bit of English). Here are the pages they gave me, I did scan and translate them online but could not understand what I have to do next(A little help is much appreciated to understand it if someone has already gone through this process):  Page 1: Page 2:
  5. Do I have to pay the amount to the given account on one of these pages or there is another procedure that I have to call them and ask and follow?
  6. I have not been paying for tv license fees and received this notification. Since my German is not good, I am looking for some help to understand what it says and what do I have to do next? Images can be seen below, looking forward to someone who has received something similar or anyone who can guide me with the next steps.   [images removed, personal data]
  7. Minimum Salary For Work Permit

    Hello Everyone, I am an international master's student in Social Sciences, currently living in Erlangen and will finish my studies in next few months. I have also been working as part-time student in the field of IT. The company where I have been working as a part-time student are happy with my work and offering me a fulltime position with a salary of 2400/month in the starting. I havr heard that if your salary is below Blue Card requirement then you have to apply for a Work Permit but there is also a limit for that as well. I did my search but was not able to find any information regarding this. So, if anyone has any experience in this area or have any information and be able to help. I wanted to know: 1. What is the minimum salary requirement for a work permit (if it is above 2400/month)? 2. Even though I will have a work contract, will it create a problem as the job is not related to my study field?    Thank you very much in advance