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  1. fired

    Thanks a lot @murphaph, much appreciated.
  2. fired

    I guess it's something they sent to my ex-employer but I am unable to fully understand what it means and its implications, and whether I should be worried about something.
  3. fired

  4. fired

    I received this letter today evening in my mail from Bundesagentur.
  5. fired

    Update 09.05 2023. After we sent the Klage, we received a letter after a few days to appear in court on 11.05.2023 (tomorrow), but yesterday I received a call from the other employee ( as my German is not very good, the Arbeitsgericht giy listed her number as the contact number for me too) that she received a call from Arbeitsgericht and they told her that the lawyer of emplyer has contacted them and agreed to pay our salaries for the month of April and settle it. So, we dont have to go to the court tomorrow and we will receive further documents from the court in coming days about the decision. I guess its one third of what we deserved but still better than nothing I guess. Thank you everyone for all you kind advises and guidance along the way. Have a nice evening! 
  6. fired

      All three of us were there today and sent 3 separate Klages with the same 1 month's salary. The guy at the Arbeitsgericht told us that given the small company size, she will probably find a way out for not paying you 3 months notice period salary, but according to some law he explained, we can definitely fight for getting April's salary as we have been working there for more than 2 years (and less than 5 years).
  7. fired

  8. fired

  9. fired

    Update 18.04.2023! I was at arbeitsgericht today. The guy looked at everything and told me that since it is a small business, the things are gonna be in company's favour, but what you can do is claim for 1 month's salary as you have been working for more than 2 years (and less than 5 years). So, we can send a Klage for you to be paid for the month of April. So, we decided to do that.  
  10. fired

      Update 03-04 April 2023! So, yesterday we went to Agentur für Arbeit together with one of the other employees ( the third one was a student and working on mini-job). First of all, we asked the contact person to be dealt together (we also asked for it because it would be easier for me since my German is not very good), and she agrees. After getting the necessary information  she asked us to wait and someone will call us. After waiting for around 20 minutes, the guy called our names.  First of all, we showed him the prints of the emails that we received on Wednesday (to leave the office) and Friday after 12 p.m (to do some work on some project, even though we have already returned all the devices and data of company as requested before 12). Then we showed him the that agreement letter and finally the termination letter. He asked us what does "Wichtige Grund" means and what have we done. We told him we have no ideas. Then he asked if we got any Mahnung, we said no. Then he checked if I am eligible for ALG 1. According to him, I have to work and contribute for 12 months in the last 30 months (fulltime or part-time). Fortunately, I am eligible as I worked fulltime for the last 9 months, and then he added the months before I was on minijob (when I was working teilzeit), so he went back to 30 months to check if I am eligible. Though, he was very surprised with everything and asked how have we been working with such a long time without any problem. We told him everything was good when we were on minijob. So, aftwr gathering all the information he gave us some forms to fill and submit them back to him. Today we filled them and dropped them in the mailbox. Furthermore, we (the two of us) have decided to contact a lawyer, we will have the first consultation with him and see if we can do something about it or its useless and she can gst away with it given the small company size!
  11. fired

    For "wichtiger Grund" part, do I need send her email or an official letter (written from a lawyer), or with the Klage? How can I ask her for that part? 
  12. fired

    A lot of friends that we all (3) are sharing this news to are saying the same thing, although some say she might find a loophole to get away with this because of the small size of company as we were only 5 employees (including the boss herself). I also feel very sorry for one of the other employee as she has her appointment for Niederlasungserlaubnis on coming Monday. And she has been working here even before me (since 2018 when she was a student, then started fulltime in 2021).
  13. fired

    I think she is talking about Wednesday and Thursday, when she told us to leave the office and dont come on Thursday. She is implying that she meant we leave the office  (and not stop working somehow). 
  14. fired

    No, its a project that we are working on and Fraz XYZ is the contact person for that project. Since, we got fired and informed her that THE BOSS is your contact person from now on. So, she asked the boss to send her some details. And according to the email she is asking us to send her the details or she will hire a lawyer for the damages. We are fired, we returned  everything at 12 today and dont have any access to anything. And then she sends an email at 12:17 on my personal email to send her these details. I replied to her and said that eveyrthing is in the laptop which we handed over earlier today, so she can access everything from there and I dont have any access to anything anymore. 
  15. fired

      Frau XYZ is the name of the person who's project she is talking about (so Frau XYZ means Project XYZ). She sent the email to 3 of us ( who are getting fired), she has sent this to me on my personal email, and for other two in the company email (which they they dont have any access anymore).