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  1. QROPS transfers - low in costs and transparent

    Some interesting points there and food for thought once product fees have been factored to provide a fair comparison. Thanks for the summary and will keep an eye out for future posts. Cheers
  2. QROPS transfers - low in costs and transparent

    Sure, we can agree to that. I'm currently looking into the option again for numerous reasons however would prefer to do my own research (at least initially). I appreciate you offer a fee-based service but taking a 1.5% flat fee of the capital is still commission in my eyes and is still creating a conflict.  I have a few friends back home in the industry who may be able to help but I may still get in touch if I need assistance. Currently looking for platform options for QROPS. Cheers
  3. QROPS transfers - low in costs and transparent

    I know very well of other companies as I have spoken to a few in my time, I actually enjoy reading your information and find a lot of it useful. However, you have used the EXACT same angle they use to scaremonger people into having a "review". Currency is very speculative and NO ONE knows what is going to happen after Brexit, not even the politicians. I've been around the block a few times and know when people are using sales tactics that's for sure. Other than that I find your info very informative.
  4. QROPS transfers - low in costs and transparent

    Starshallow I would say this is fear mongering at it's finest! Not very professional.