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  1. I'm in my 30s and i would like to start investing so that i can have more financial security in my late 50s early 60s. I spent last few months investigating potential ways to do that and after reading many blogs, several books, consulting with friends and i reached some findings that i would like to share here for further analysis. But before that here are some info about me that you can use to have a better overview where i'm coming from   Some of my prerequisites - I'm an EU citizen - living and renting in Berlin(for about 6 moths) - Married and both of us work - Have no debt - have savings to cover more then 1 year without a job - saving 1/3 of income   Some of my requirements: - long term is probably going to yield positive result - doesn't require ridiculous start of investment like 100k euro - don't mind ups and downs of investment - is as simple as it can be - has a return that can make me as financially independent as possible in my early 60s - don't wont to jump in any debt if not necessary. - doesn't require high amount of management   What i found is that investing in ETFs fits these requirements. Reading further i got an general idea of what products i would like to buy for my portfolio - iShares Core MSCI World UCITS ETF USD: 90% - Shares Core MSCI Emerging Markets IMI UCITS ETF: 10% The portfolio to me seems to reach entire world and the TER is not that high 0.20 and 0.18, and also seems simple to manage, as the time passes I'll start looking into bond ETFs and maybe move there to have a bit smoother retirement ride. Any more advice on portfolio would be very helpful but my brain is already overloaded the last few months so simple products would be the best for me i think :).   BUT all of this in principle sounds nice but it's the operational part where I'm seeing a ton of stuff i still need to find out and that is where i need help and this seemed like a good place to ask some questions. Which Broker should i use: I've read so many reviews and forum posts that I'm getting information overload, so i'm asking for some help here, my needs are that i can get the ETF products that I mentioned i'm interested in(or something else if i get a better advice), that the service is in English(don't care so much about website but people that i can talk to), that is secure and reliable, that it provides me all the necessary documentation for tax purposes. From what i was looking online a lot of people in EU seem to use DEGIRO so i opened an account with them to check them out but i didn't buy anything yet. I summary i would really like recommendation on which i should choose and why Taxes in Germany: This is the part that scares me the most, i don't have a lot of experience with doing tax forms (where i'm from all was done by your company) and i based on everything I read about taxes in Germany it doesn't seem simple so my question is do you recommend getting a professional help for that and if yes do you know any tax company for expats in Berlin. Also from what i was reading is that if a broker is from Germany they will take do the taxes for me but when i was checking the popular German brokers none of them had an english version of the website so i'm not that happy with that. Should i look for financial advisor: do i need a financial advisor for my investment requirements, i would maybe ask for professional help for my investments but only for asking for advice not managing the money     I would be very helpful for an advice on anything that i wrote and i hope that i will be able to help somebody else in the future