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  1. Hello,


    I applied for a free schufa copy and saw a lot of credits under my name. It shows all the credit cards I applied to.

    I also recently applied for a loan and it got rejected due to credits under my name in schufa.

    But I have no debts under my name sofar. it is just the credit card applications in my account.

    I want to clear it out from my account.

    how do I contact schufa for that ?

    Is it possible that they help me with this ?



  2. Hi all,


    I am a non EU citizen and working as a full time project manager in a startup firm(40hr/week). it has unlimited contract. I am also working as a freelancer for another startup (20hr/ month) (limited contract till May). My visa allows me to work as a freelancer apart from a full time job. but I am confused if I have to apply for a 'steuer nummer' at the finanzamt ? Can I invoice with my steuerID or I have to apply for steuernummer ? Can someone please help me with this ?



  3. Hello , Below are the details of my visa:


    Beschäftigung nicht gestatet mit Ausnahme der Tätigkeit als Projektmanagerin IT/Selbstständige Tätigkeit gestattet/Erischt mit Bezug von Leistungen nach dem SGBIl oder SGB Xl AsylbLG/Nach 2jähr. versichenungspl. Beschäftig. ist Beschäftig. jeder Art gestattet


    I wish to know if I am allowed to work as a freelance or side job apart from my 40 hours/week (primary job)

    Can you please help me ?