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  1.   My mental right ? just for the plates this is my mental thought what i want to do you mr from Munich. 
  2. Yes but i want to register in Switzerland and drive in Germany and around just want to have swiss plates.     
  3. Dear friends,    Wanted to know if you live in Germany and bought a car in Switzerland, can you register there and drive in Germany  ? because wanted to know because some of my friends want to make that or if you buy car in Germany and register in Switzerland ? Can you do that?   Thank you 
  4. Need an Unskilled JOB ?

    I did a lot of them believe and i tried everything here and there but nothing, so i just wanted to know if somebody can help me out here to find a job with an long term contract.    Thank you so much again for reply brother. 
  5. Need an Unskilled JOB ?

    Yes brother. I did as you said i was in Germany and i got an interview they made me an contract for 1.5 months not much for more as production worker before all this i made an appointment of German Embassy in Rome for working visa i was there i applied but they said the contract for 1.5 months is not valid because you need everytime to come here and apply for visa and you cant move with that visa and the company can't make me an longer contract for visa !!   So what that girl told me in embassy told me that they will wait for me to find another job (because she dont want to loose my appointment because has a lot of waiting time to make another one ) and bring an long term contract to process my visa here and come again in Germany but for the moment i dont know what to do i applied in too much jobs but nothing for now so i need an job in construction or whatever with a long term contract just to take visa come start working there and process documents in Munich !!    So i am looking for that thing for an just job to start somewhere !!    Thanks for reply brother. 
  6. Need an Unskilled JOB ?

    Dear all there,    I am Adonis from KS and lives in Italy so i found an job in Munchen with English and i applied for work visa but the contract was for 1.5 month (so you can't even get work permit with kind of such contract) not much more so the embassy will not deny my visa but they will wait for me for an new contract of a new job so wanted to know if someone here can find me an unskilled Job even my finished university is in Information Technology and stuff but i just want to find an job that gives me an long term contract as unskilled to take visa come and start working there ?!!    If someone knows someone or something in about with this tell me please i am in need !!    Thank you so much.