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  1. This has mostly been flowing beneath the surface, and generally isn't covered by the MSM but there is a small but growing (?) movement of Black, BAME and POC people coming out as supporters of Trump. Kyane West is the best known example. Anyways thanks to Piers Morgan, Candace Owens latest video has gone massively viral logging up millions of views. I watched her video (technically live stream) to sum up her main points.    The first thing is some Black people rejecting the Marxist/Lenist narrative of the left, often lumped in with "socialism" and Globalism. Populism at it's core. This view is best typified by black UK rapper Zuby, who also happens to be a Christian (which explains some of his views) If you're on twitter his feed is quite good, he's very articulate.    Here's a typical example (sorry preview not loading) loads more examples of this can be found.   Secondly, and this is the part that upsets most people, is she accuses the black community of ignoring black on black crime. Candace Owens and people on the far right really love to hammer this point home. The simple reality is black people per capita commit vastly more crimes than white people. Typically you'll see comments like 50 people got murdered in 1 weekend in one city and nobody cares. It's almost like police brutality isn't an issue. In her video below she spends a ton of time talk about how bad George Floyd was, as if he got what he deserved. Although she don't put it quite that way.   Which brings me to the 3rd point. Racism;  it seems that most of the black Trump supporters are big belivers in "pulling yourselves up by the bootstraps". But it's like they ignore the effects of racism  particularly systemic racism. I posted a great article to FB by Ben Thomspson, Dust in the LIght, if your interested. test.   Here's the tweet that started it all (don't know why tweets aren't loading). Piers Morgan being Piers, she's stupid end of story.   Finally her 18 minute rant on FB, she is very articulate, which is probably why it got so many views   Here is her video.            
  2. Black BAME and POC supporters of Trump

    HA HA SUCKERS        
  3. Black BAME and POC supporters of Trump

      You answered before I could edit, I was going to add that this isn't to down play the danger the far  right posses. My impression is also that the right tends to engage in more direct violence (Murder) While left in doxing rioting etc.   noticed this from the article    Daily interpersonal violence and state violence pose a much greater threat to Americans than any kind of extremist terror attack.    
  4. Black BAME and POC supporters of Trump

    Noticed this today from the Atlantic White Noise Inside the Alt Right White Noise, The Atlantic’s first feature documentary, is the result of a four-year commitment to investigating and exposing the roots of rising white nationalism in the U.S. and abroad.   Well researched and produced but it begs the question, since the rise of Trump 99% of politically motivated crime has come from the left. So why have no main stream producers covered Antifa? The media (other than Fox news) has barely covered the Antia riots. this leaves plenty of room for right wing conspiracy Theories to thrive.   As an aside one thing that really annoys me is since the election of Trump any one who is conservative (either who votes Conservative or Republican) is automatically tagged as a racist.  As El Jeffo pointed out, skin colour is irrelevant, if one votes the wrong way or holds the wrong opinions. Lesyn Lewis came within a few hundred votes of being the first POC to be both a white racist supremacist and a leader of a major political party.              
  5. Coronavirus

        As an afterthought one thing I don't expect the change anytime soon is how businesses have reaction.. No face to face meetings no travel, work from home etc. Same with conferences etc, unfortunately the knock-on effect of that will be huge.
  6. Coronavirus

    I'd say, now 6 months in and no hope of the pandemic ending people Are saying “fuck it” life goes on.  Noticed restaurants are much busier, more and more people eating inside, almost nobody social distances anymore. Only thing remaining the same is people tend to wear masks and even that is changing. In the bank yesterday to sigh some paperwork and first thing the guys asks if we can take off our masks.   Governments are getting desperate Ottawa Canada is threatening 5000 dollar a day fines to anyone who doesn¡t quarantine if they have any symptoms. Order of course excludes teachers. Lowly paid essential workers, sucks to be you if you can't afford rent or food.   Australia is looking more and more like China! 
  7. Long but fascinating and down right terrifying account of how Nancy Pelosi could have a legitimate claim to the presidentcy.   Personally I expect another repeat of Bush vs Gore but with Trump refusing to concede and the Dems as per their natural behaviour give up
  8. President Donald J. Trump

    A great analysis of the US election, short take is the Dems will again snatch defeat from the jaws of victory I guess trying to win an election by appealing to disaffected conservative voters while ignoring your base isn't a good election strategy. Rachel "The Doc" Bitecofer (on Twitter) has been saying pretty much the samething. Regardless of who wins America as we know it  won't survive this election   PS hope to god I'm wrong on this   to quote   Not that Biden's doing much to motivate anyone. The former vice president's campaign has crafted an election strategy appealing to a few dozen so-called Never Trump Republicans   Yes Trump could win Again  
  9.     That's what I thought, checked Amazon but it wasn't the right product, I'll ask next time and update    
  10. Noticed recently that some restaurants are burning, what looks like coffee grounds, to keep the bees (note generic use of the term bee) away. Anyone know what they are burning? I forgot to ask. I want to get some to take with me, went out for breakie today and got dive bombed the moment the food showed up. Wasn't much of a relaxing breakfast
  11. 🤮     Edit: Notice how Andy always uses "she" rather the correct (from a left right point of view)  "he" that's because mis-gendering is the the most heinous crime one can commit on twitter. Death threats, rape threats, any hate directed towards women is fine but misgender some poor sod enough and you're banned for life from twitter
  12. Topic split from: The new Gillette social awareness campaign   Can't tell if this is parody or not.  Dane Legally becomes women with English subtitles        
  13. Coronavirus

    Go hard and fast and then get things opened again ASAP... A delicate and daily balancing act. (via facebook post)       The problem with this that politicians are being disingenuous, they keep saying a few weeks and/or months of restrictions, the end of the year for sure than everything will be back to normal.  But nothing could be further from the truth, Covid is here to stay and so are the restrictions.  I suspect it’s why politicians have grabbed a hold of the printing presses. They know the economy isn’t gong to recover anytime soon and mass unemployment is bad for the their political futures so let's give everyone money and just inflate the debt away.   But I really wish they’d be honest and say this is here to stay we need to learn to live with it.  
  14. Black BAME and POC supporters of Trump

    Andrew Dole aka Titania McGrath via twitter              
  15. President Donald J. Trump

    Smart Move!        
  16. Is there a maximum age for a mortgage?

    Spoke with a friend and they got a mortgage (at 53) for 33 years so maybe rhe bank was feeding us a line. Friend said that they’ve uad a long term relationship with the bank. So who knows
  17. Is there a maximum age for a mortgage?

    Quick update: at the bank now and what the new rules are is a mortgage must be paid for by retirement. So either higher down payment or higher payments. Suppose it’s good as it will help keep a cap on prices. 
  18. President Donald J. Trump

    Agree my comment lacked some nuance but this is the internet. To clarify the majority of Black people who live in the inner city do not want to see the police defunded. Less police means more crime. the Atlantic has written quite about this. More importantly Conservatives publications  (not referring to the Trumpettes that dominate the headlines) have been writing for a long time around issues such as prison reform, sentencing reform, qulified immunity etc. Reason a Conservative Libertarian site has written quite extensively about this. I suggest reading Some of their articles.   The other point is you need to distinguish between protests, which are mostly peaceful And the Antifia inspired Nightly riots that Are targeting  Black and minority owned business. Most if not all of the rioters are white.         
  19. Illegal Subrenting

    I know uncomfortable facts bother people but it¡s really true that Berlin is gentrifying. As well there were serious issues With developers being attacked by leftie (read communist leaning) protesters. They were upset that they were building high end condominiums rather than social housing. Now maybe Antifa and Communists may technically different but they are cut from the same cloth.   As too segregation, perhaps too strong of a word but spend some time on the woke left and you'll see I'm not to far off.
  20. Illegal Subrenting

    Sounds like every newspaper out there. 
  21. What made you laugh today?

  22. What is money?

    If you want a preview of what a Dem administration might look cast a glance north to Canada. Pre Pandemic their was wailing and gnashing of teeth over a 20 billion dollar deficit. This year the government on track to exceed a half trillion dollar deficit with no end in sight. Not only that the Liberals just signaled that they are implementing a unemployment plan for gig workers. Work 3.5 weeks and get 6 months of 500 bucks a week  (CDN). Why would anyone work! This is important. In an interview with Paul Volker – remember him, the guy that slayed inflation, he made an interesting and rather surprising comment. He said that it was peoples expectation of prices rising that caused inflation. With that in mind I noticed this. Pandemic worsening belief that official inflation measures don't reflect rising costs: Bank of Canada Normally I call BS on this as most people confuse seasonal changes in the price of food with inflation but in light of Paul Volker's comments...    
  23. Coronavirus

      My oh my someone forget his meds today but I'll be nice and give him/her/it a reputation point point anyways   Noticed this today, more theater: They'd be much better installing some Hepa filters and tracking air flow. Wiping down the seats is a waste of time and money (at least from a covid point of view)   Airline deep clean planes