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  1. Police Brutality in the USA

    Johanan Kay had an excellent twitter thread on this, he is the realvant part.   In the U.S., much of the problem lies with a lack of officer education & professional standards. U.S. tax policy starves both police and the communities they serve of money. The case of Ferguson was an extreme case in point ... Training was barely above level of mall cops...   and   When I embedded briefly with a Toronto-area police force, I was shocked at how different things were. The cops I met had college education & were subject to stringent continuing ed requirements. They spent time on social media educating themselves about communities they served...
  2. The New Gillette Social Awareness Campaign

    In most countries you don¡t even need to bother with paperwork, self declaration is enough to make you female.
  3. The New Gillette Social Awareness Campaign

    Can't tell if this is parody or not.  Dane Legally becomes women with English subtitles        
  4. Lufthansa Strike

    Interesting news article in the Local Today. The EU is girding up for a big fight over bailout money for Lufthansa. Short version is that if Lufthansa does take the money they need to give up some major and lucrative slots at Frankfurt and Munich. Bottom feeder Ryanair and it's shareholders are just drooling at the thought of being able to feast on the dead carcass of Lufthansa. But seriously it is going to be a very interesting fight as this would mean replacing high compensated German pilots with low paid (relatively speaking) East German gig workers This is going to be a titanic fight between the EU and the German government.  The EU is very very clear (and most correct) on a level playing field for all countries. If the board holds firm and says screw it, we'll just file "chapter 11" I suspect that Merkel would turn around and give the EU a swift kick in the nuts!
  5. What is money?

    A real simple way of explaining this is the value of your house has doubled but you lost your job and are struggling to pay your bills. This vs your boss giving you a 25,000 bonus and telling you to spend it. The later is what is inflationary
  6. What is money?

    Came across a really interesting article on twitter explaining how money is made, he clears up some of the myths about "printing money" I'll share a few of the highlights link at bottom.     Link
  7. Along these lines, I bought an iphone a while back it was sent back for repair under waranty, seems they couldn't repair it so they are refunding the money. Which is quite nice. Thing is I chose Klarna as an option and then paid it over 6 months, with a bit of interest. Thing is I still owe 1 more payment. Any idea how Klarna will handle this?   Edit: did a bit of googling and found this     I can safely assume it will be the same in Germany
  8. Returning items that were bought online

    Not worth starting a new topic but I just bought a case online from the Apple store, it's the wrong size so I'm trying to return it but it seems to be no option to "turn something. Normally there is a retour label inside or an option (aka Amazon) to click and print a return label. I've been online with support now for 15 minutes she had to manually manage the return.   Anyone else had issues returning an item to Apple?   Update:it looks it was just the browser, go figure, started in Chrome, but when switched to Firefox it showed up odd
  9. Income and Health Insurance Calculation

    Just checked John's website and he updated the that income threshold is now  1,038, 33 euros a month. That is a huge jump from 425€ a month. That seems too high to me.    Edit: I checked out this online calculator from TKK and they don't seem to have taken the minimum earnings into account. For example if I put in 300€ I get a cost of 191,10.
  10.   Malcolm Clark just takes the piss out of Nicola Sturgeon, Scottish leader. Wow brutal  A thread. Is @NicolaSturgeon as shiny and clean on COVID-19 as she's now trying to make out? From her tone of disdain towards @BorisJohnson and his new slogan you'd be forgiven for thinking Scotland was some shining pandemic success. But is it?   But moving on haven't seen this discussed yet but my wife has been following the local TV news it seems Germans are just as taken with conspiracy theories and love antivaxers  as much as Americans. The steerage section of the comments gallery is just as nasty as one can expect, fake news to the point that the moderators asked people to be nicer. Next step is turning off the comments. Also there's been the protests breaking out all over Germany over the "restrictions". The part I don't get is Germany has avoided the worse of the lock down. I have friends that have been inside for 7 weeks in Spain. I would go insane if I had to do that!
  11. Not too many UK friends on FB. Follow More UK twitterers but oddly have seen few comments mentions complaints about Boris.  Anyways my impression was that Boris was doing a Trump imitation. Seems that was confirmed. Any idea if it is affecting his poll numbers. 
  12.  Any thoughts on Boris Johnson? Doing a good job, bad job? Piers Morgan is just taking the piss out of him on a daily basis. My impression is he's hated by a very vocal minority including some of my FB friends. UK seems to be, sort of, following Sweden's example. Stay home except when you don't.
  13. Lockdown 2020 Movie Recommendations

    Just rented Downton Abby from only 99 cents, didn't think I'd enjoy it as much as I did, well done.
  14. You've got to fight for your right to party (sic):
  15.   Yes and a big fuck you to the protesters who complain that wearing a mask is an inconvenience!  Yes wearing a mask is a pain but look at Austria almost no cases, Good god people, the sooner we get this under control the sooner life can go on!
  16. Coronavirus

    Well the verdict is in and masks are the answer! Been saying this for a while but the most effective way to stop the virus is to have everyone wear masks in doors. The good news is it is very difficult to catch covid outside. Inside is another story, which is why you need to wear a mask   Austria and I expect soon Germany, are at almost zero
  17. Coronavirus

    And speaking of that this great article from Jonathan Kay on why government mandates don't work   to quote   But by indulging these reflexes, we expose our wilful blindness to both the surprisingly marginal role of government in many aspects of lockdown policy, and the semi-permanence of many mitigation strategies that already have been imposed by countless civic and economic actors.
  18. Coronavirus

    The Atlantic ran a good article about this, said once it was clear thst Covid was mostly affecting blacks and Latinos the conservative media a d by extension Trump lost interest.
  19. Coronavirus

    Here's the economic challenge  ia NY Times   And even once things reopen, simply allowing people to walk into a barber shop or a movie theater does not mean they will do so during a pandemic until a vaccine or effective treatments are available.   i'm happy to visit a beer garden with decent social distancing (wear a mask standing in line to order) but unsure if I'd go to a restaurant if it meant sitting indoors
  20. Coronavirus

    They are slowly figuring out how Covid spreads. Long article but if you don’t want to read it the short version as it spreads most affectively in an enclosed environment an office a restaurant, a funeral, party, sports events things like this.   The good news is being out and about the chances of getting infected are very very low especially with a mask. The question is, if we did an event (walk or something)  could we go out afterwards and eat that’s that’s the unknown yet.   Good article
  21. Coronavirus

  22. Coronavirus

     In this case I was referring to Canada and the UK where loads of surgeries have been put off. Some due to Covid others to peoples fear, they avoid doctors.  
  23. Coronavirus

    Yupp, seems I was making the same argument a while back - insert embarrassed emoji. The thing is you get so much conflicting information it makes your head spin.
  24. I believe the second one was when a Conservative owner bought a bunch of TV stations and sent them all a script to read from
  25. "Please call me by my first name"

    This just popped up on the front page and it reminded me of the time I was visiting home and had an appointment at the bank. The manager goes "Hi Bob" and I was like totally offended!!!!! My name is Mr