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  1. In the middle of Morgan Housel's book The Psychology of Money. He has 10,000 reviews on Amazon for a very good reason. Unlike most interesting books this is more about human nature than what stocks to buy and sell. That along with millionaire teacher is probably only to investing books you need to read
  2. Sorry my question was confusing. I have lived in different countries and the rente people mentioned that I need to prove that I was always in the public HC system. How do I do that. Is it done through the pension people or the healthcare people. 
  3.   One quick question, when i was talking with the rente people they mentioned having to fill out a form proving your Pflichtversicherung or a mandatory member. As well I remember a post regarding talking about this as well, me thinks Starshollow answered the question) but searching high and low I can't it. So my question is how is your status (mandatory or voluntary  determined?   Many thanks in advance.   T minus 14 months till work is done!!!!  
  4. Obtaining Funeral Costs from a Deceased Person's Estate

    Found this in looking at an unrelated matter, at the bottom is an email address, they might be able to help
  5. Making a last will and testament

    Update: downloaded Questionnaire for the application for an inheritance certificate. It can be found online and filled in the name and current address of our family along with a basic list of assets, insurances and any accounts (banks, phone etc) that we have. Sent it to my sister in law and said, should we be killed in car crash than this is the form you use. By the time you pay fees, taxes and split everything 9 ways there will be very little to fight over. This is a much cheaper solution than paying a lawyer.   Secondly we did a hand written will and will eventually registrar it at city hall.   The reason for this is that I'm assuming that life will play out the same way for us as it did our parents. Once we hit 85 or so I will liquidate all our assets (including primary residence) and pass the money along. Won't need much to live on, pensions will be sufficient. Not too worried about cancelling everything. Actually read about one guy who died and the LL didn't find out for 3 years!!!!
  6. Making a last will and testament

    Thank you that helps immensely!   I talked to my steuerbreater and I can set him up as a Testamentsvollstrecker (?) he he will take care of the estate I just haven't gotten around to it. In the meantime I gathering everything together (contracts assets etc)  and passing it on to my family along with this form. Obviously having a will is ideal but a nust in case.
  7. Making a last will and testament

    My wife and I are in the process of doing this now. Now like most people should have done this a long time ago. we have written our wills (hat tip Panda Munich) and will file them with the local court, Anyways  single friend mentioned setting up a Nachlassverwalter instead of a will. My understanding is that this is an executor who will settle your estate after your death.  So this brings up a question to which I haven't been able to find an answer to. We are childless and no family here. Since German wills (or we die intestate) don't have executor who settles the estate? House will need to be sold, Contracts cancelled and taxes filled and eventually money transferred. There is no way anyone in my family would have even a clue where to even begin. This is the reason I want to use an Nachlassverwalter.   Thanks in advance
  8. I'm hoping someone can clarify a point for me. I'm on the countdown to retirement and I keep hearing about how retirees are getting hit with massive healthcare costs. According to the pension people and I'll be paying my portion of healthcare just on my German pension, as I was in the public system my whole life. But apparently under certain situations a pensioner is  responsible for the full hit on healthcare costs. Once you add in nursing home costs it works out to an 18%!  I've done a ton of digging and asking and can't seem to get any clarification on this. Even more surprising is it's never been discussed here. I've seen some articles in German but they don't really explain what or why.   If you google "Doppelverbeitragung von Betriebsrenten" you'll get a bunch of hits   Betriebsrenten: Sechs Millionen sind von Doppelverbeitragung betroffen   PS perhaps someone could edit the title to better reflect the issue