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  1. Coronavirus

      Yeah that was my thought, car should be used only for shopping work and doctors visits   Thanks
  2. Coronavirus

    Yeah that's what I was thinking, will take another 2-3 weeks to see if it changes.   What are the rules around exercise?   Wife and I are biking and walking each lunch, is there an issue taking the car and biking hiking in different areas? 
  3. Coronavirus

      Any thoughts on why the numbers are still growing. You would have assumed with social distancing that the numbers would be dropping or at least leveling off. My best guess is that the incubation period is much longer, so a lot of us have it but won't know for a while.
  4. Looks like NY is the new Italy, the morgues have run put of space so refrigerator trucks are being rooed in to store the dead.
  5. oh man that made my day, working from home is a huge adjustment for many people. Loads of embarrassing videos, best was lady who took her phone to the toilet.   Noticed this       Mentioned to a friend reading the Drudge Report is like watching a zombie apocalypse unfold in real life. Strangest is the Republicans seem to be determined to kill off their own voters!
  6. Apartment is priced at nearly double the legal price

    If you have legal insurance than yes use a lawyer, if not use one of the many free services that will challenge this for you.   Is my rent too high?
  7. Coronavirus

    in other words doesn't matter what Trump says or does he'll never lose his base. Highly recommend her twitter feed
  8. Any news on bail out for airlines?   I realize that but by now it should be back in stock especially as they've limits on how much you can buy. Anyways moving on any news on airline bailouts? NY Times article about  ever before has customer demand dropped so swiftly, and never before has it been less clear when — or even if — the global airline industry will truly recover.  A friend works at Condor and they were coming out of "bankruptcy" expecting any day to get a whatsapp saying the airline just shut down, but afraid to ask. Nothing in the news yet.
  9. I'm sure this has been asked a million times already but WHY THE HELL IS THERE NO TOILET PAPER. In the store today shelves are full, no real shortage beyond the usual, tomorrow is delivery day, but absolutely no TeePee. I even noticed a sign, one package per customer!!!!!!! By now it should be back in stock.
  10. Coronavirus

    Ouch     Just listened to the latest on NY Times The Daily, they basically said it's too late, the US is going is going to see Wuhan and worse
  11. Coronavirus

    Via Twitter   This is devastating and heartbreaking... They are removing respirators from patients over 65 in Spain and giving them to younger patients. Seniors are then given sedatives so they don’t suffer. We need to treat this pandemic like the biggest crisis of our lifetime because it is.   is this happening in Germany (yet)
  12. Coronavirus

    This is exactly what happened with heavy Airbnb cities, the number of long term rents has exploded! Very glad when our tenant moved out we decided against doing the airbnb thingy  
  13. Coronavirus

      Makes two of us, been very surprised at how much I've enjoyed this, thought for sure I'd be climbing the walls by now!  
  14. Any updates on shopping?   Are there big lines outside of Lidls Rewe?   Toilet paper in stock? Online Rewe is booked up solid and you can't make any appointments. Amazon delivering as normal. I tried ordering some meds online, ibuprofen and other basics completely sold out!  
  15. Brexit: The fallout

    Well so far (pre corona) Brexit has been a disaster, not for the UK but for the EU. It's blown a massive hole in their budget. The UK so far is doing quite fine.