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  1. Went through the same. Backpack stolen on holidays, went to get new keys cut and the locksmith said I needed to order them via the hausverwaltung. Quick email and keys are ordered
  2. European Elections - right to vote

    Can¡t edit, she has a German passport via her Mom, but can speak it but reading is tough, in case you wondering why I didn't just ask her
  3. European Elections - right to vote

      My wife is German
  4. European Elections - right to vote

    Quick related question. Does anyone know where I can find who the local candidates are. Been googling but only getting info for the UK. I got the ballot but it's tough German to figure out. The only party I'm familiar with is AFD and not too keen to vote for them
  5. Retiring soon. What to do about health insurance?

    My understanding is that health insurance continues as before. You paying half and the pension people paying the other half. The question comes if you have other income, do you have pay health insurance on that amount. That's where the 90% public rule comes in.   apparently there's some weird quirk in the rules that if you get a lump sum payment you have to pay the full amount 18% or what ever it is. Seen loads of complaints over that one.    Edit: if you're private it continues as before
  6. Münchner Eiszauber - Ice skating at Karlsplatz

    Update: went to the doctor and he spoke great English. Ended up with a prescription for new insoles.
  7. Krankenkasse. Freiwillig- oder Pflichtversichert

    Just a quick question, but if you worked in several EU countries do you need to apply to each country to get the pension or do you just apply for German pension and they do the contacting on your behalf.   thanks
  8. Scan it in and then open in word (will convert it) and copy and paste into that should give you a pretty good idea, secondly give it to a co-worker to read
  9. How to raise my tenants rent

    Thanks that's what I figured. I've seen ads in English for regarding the rent brake
  10. How to raise my tenants rent

    Just curious but if the tenant can "flip you the bird" over a rent increase than why things like rent brake, or what I keep seeing on FB ads for fighting rent increases. 
  11. got the letter but no luck getting a box, instead when I get an email I just ask to send it to the local post office
  12. Apartment problems/Landlord

    Ha Ha welcome to Toytown, why I'm a long time lurker very occasional poster
  13. Münchner Eiszauber - Ice skating at Karlsplatz

    Speaking of skating, does any know of an equivalent term for skaters ankle, meaning when you skate your ankles are bent    Thanks
  14. Trying to create an account online but I keep getting a password error message. I already have an DHL account are they not connected?   I order a ton of stuff online and I want the neighbors to stop taking my packages. the delivery guy won't even ring our bell anymore.