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  1. Police brutality in the USA

    Was a bit skeptical a out the Antifa connection. Well turns out there is a lot more below the surface than meets the eye. Very eye opening.
  2. And if you don't already have it, get both third party liability and legal insurance. And as others said, the landlord is trying to twke advantage of you. It¡s the drivers fault not yours. Tell him to burger off.
  3. JK Rowling's portrayal of characters

    Reading is reading, Kids who are engrossed in Harry Potter aren¡t playing video games. 
  4. Police brutality in the USA

    Watching Fox News and they are doing there very best to throw gasoline on the fire! Now having said this there is so much were seeing here some of it contradictary. The first one is absolute anger how how Black people are treated. The second is 3 years of anger against Trump. Finally and this is the part that contradicts all of the above.     Christina Soomers put it best    Not just taught that the US is an evil empire but anyone who disagrees is a Nazi and of course it's your moral obligation to “punch a Nazi”.   oh CNN US edition is focused on how BLM.   edit: noticed this          
  5. Police brutality in the USA

    After showing some initial shock conservatives have gone back to their default stance, law and order and uncritical support of the police. (NY Times had a great article about this,  but can't seem to find it). Police for the most part have defaulted to their usual stance, attack first police second. Load of videos showing them attacking peaceful protesters. The usual, pepper spray, batons to the head and a new one, ramming a car into a group. NY mayor for the most part Other than a comment supporting the police, silent. 
  6. Police brutality in the USA

    Anyone catch the video of Umbrella Man?    Loads of speculation that it might be a cop
  7. Police brutality in the USA

    it gets even better 😭        
  8. Police brutality in the USA

        As I was saying
  9. Police brutality in the USA

      Maybe so but most of the rioters/looters are out of town whites, aka Antifa types. Portland and cities have been turning a blind to this for years and now they are paying the price. 
  10. Police brutality in the USA

    I have to say that I'm conflicted on all of this. Been following Andy Ngo for a long time (writer for the Post Millennial conservative leaning media outlet) and his main focus is on Antifa. He's what he tweeted yesterday.     I could spend all day sharing stories of feminists who have been attached shamed bulled for having the wrong opinions about female penises. There's also the issue of San Francisco where the mentally disturbed and drug addicts have taken over the city.    BUT and this is important, the right tends to ignore racism in America mostly framing this a personal choice issue. if you only work work hard you too could get ahead. They also downplay how hard it is to escape poverty.       
  11. Selling mortgaged house before finishing mortgage

    Quick question. A number of years ago we bought two investment properties. We found out later that the bank put a lien on our principal residence. Now the question is we are selling our place and buying another one. Is it easy for remove the lien or move it to the new property? I'm a bit worried that it might impact the sale of our house.  We put 20% down and with the increase in house prices the bank has tons of equity to protect them in case of default.    Edit: went through all the paper work and it looks like they never did this, somehow we misunderstood this. Meeting with agent/mortgage advisor on Wednesday so I'll update once we've talked with him. Hoping we can break out of our mortgages
  12. Are you already paying using your phone?

    Just set up Apple pay on a new iPhone X and added CC no issue but you can't seem to add a bank card. Was hoping could avoid carry the wallet in.
  13. Police brutality in the USA

    Donald Trump is an incendiary bomb dropped on a gasoline fire. Following his twitter feeds it's everyone elses fault but mine. I'm sure he's serriously pissed about having to be at the white house instead of at his resort golfing  
  14. Police brutality in the USA

    Johanan Kay had an excellent twitter thread on this, he is the realvant part.   In the U.S., much of the problem lies with a lack of officer education & professional standards. U.S. tax policy starves both police and the communities they serve of money. The case of Ferguson was an extreme case in point ... Training was barely above level of mall cops...   and   When I embedded briefly with a Toronto-area police force, I was shocked at how different things were. The cops I met had college education & were subject to stringent continuing ed requirements. They spent time on social media educating themselves about communities they served...
  15. In most countries you don¡t even need to bother with paperwork, self declaration is enough to make you female.