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  1. I remember PandaMunich posting about this, there is an insurance or a company you can hire that will fight on your behalf, if renovations go bad, no 3 month waiting period, unfortunately I don't remember the details.    if you watch X-Ray  on BBC you'd know this type of scam is very very common! Con men are very good at what they do!
  2. Black BAME and POC supporters of Trump

    this showed up in my email today. The woke want to hear from People of Colour. Just not all of us”. Uncle Toms is usually term, opps, slur, used to describe non white people who aren't woke.   to quote   These are the same well-intentioned lawyers who claim to support diversity. But it is a diversity of a very narrow kind — the kind that doesn't include uppity non-white people like me who don't parrot their script.      And than as I was cleaning up my inbox noticed this Why anti-racism is all about white people  The 'White Fragility' narrative is more interested in self-transformation and self-fulfilment than with real equality!   and this from twitter, another example of an Uncle Tom (aunt Tom?). Violent left targets (Black female)Seattle police chief at her home.    
  3. Coronavirus

      Didn't realize that cars had those, good to know!
  4. Coronavirus

    this is a very long but worthwhile article to read from The Atlantic. We are slowly learning about how covid transmits, the good news is that it means life will be able to go back to normal much sooner. Even schools with a bit of prep (think hepa filters not clorex wipes) can re-open. Churches because of singing is a more difficult issue. It's a long article but I recommend reading the whole thing. Reading this you can clearly see that the US is going about this totally ass backwards (are we honestly surprised), which really sucks because American Idol just isn't the same without an audience .   We Need to Talk About Ventilation  How is it that six months into a respiratory pandemic, we are still doing so little to mitigate airborne transmission?   To Quote     As an afterthought, we're showing the house today so besides asking the people to wear masks, I got out both my hepa filters and will also open the windows.  
  5. Police brutality in the USA

      I stopped posting most of this on FB as most people prefer to see pictures of cut puppies and honestly I don't blame them.
  6. Been following this via Twitter -voice of reason Ya know 😛, and noticed after 60 plus days of rioting the legacy media or woke media if you prefer is struggling to present this a peaceful protesters with only a few bad apples.    Obviously Trump isn't helping things but the simple fact is local politicians encouraged ANTIFA and gave it cover  
  7. Good god I wish the US could fix this damm Covid mess, American Idol lust isn't the same without an audience 😫🤬
  8. Coronavirus

    I wonder if the big uptick in cases today is related to the protest yesterday.    Video on FB today Dr Fauci refused to say whether protests can spread the virus, and more importantly should the government prevent protests. Rather embarrassing if you ask me. I think the science is pretty obvious. I guess he's looking to get a position in Biden's government.      
  9. Coronavirus

    Anyone in Berlin, huge anti lockdown vaccine Bill Gates protest going on now.   via twitter   As Germany is experiencing a strong increase of new #COVID19 cases, this is happening right now in Berlin. #b0108 A “Day of Freedom” with conspiracy theorists, anti-vaxxers & right-wing extremists. No one is wearing a mask.       As an aside Holland decided against mandating masks, as according to the government there they aren't effective. Social distancing is preferred. My comment was that this is really hard to do in an Aldi or Lidl.  
  10. Working remotely for a German company, sometimes from Italy

     Just found out there is a difference between “mobile and/or flex” and “home office”. If you're working mobile than you can work anywhere. If it's home office than the company has to supply a desk chair insurance etc. So Be careful on your choice of words. 
  11. Minimum Apartment size for couples

      We're doing the same, not so much Corona related but moving from 52 to 89, 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms are going to be heaven. Only minor negative is we close the day we pay off the mortgage. We got a small mortgage to cover the difference between the places. 
  12. Coronavirus

    Back to the lockdown skeptics noticed this on twitter.   I can’t imagine how hard it is for people who were not allowed to say goodbye to their loved ones to watch John Lewis’s funeral today, where politicians and elites packed into pews with little social distancing. The rules only apply to some, it seems.    
  13. Working remotely for a German company, sometimes from Italy

    I was going to say the same, as long as you don't registar as a resident you should be fine
  14. Coronavirus

    A friend just posted this to FB. Dutch government not to mandate masks...   “Because from a medical perspective there is no proven effectiveness of masks, the Cabinet has decided that there will be no national obligation for wearing non-medical masks” Van Ark said.   and   The government will instead seek better adherence to social distancing rules after a surge in coronavirus cases in the country this week, My comment was that yes this is true BUT it's very difficult to social distance in a store. The only way it would work if Aldi Lidl strickly limited the number of people in the store. Was in today and it takes effort to keep that distance. While I realise they aren't as effective I still wear a mask.
  15. Coronavirus

    That's no longer true, they've figured out thst it's transmitted 99.99% of the time via the air. It's why we wear masks indoors and at crowded outdoor events.