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  1. How to raise my tenants rent

    Thanks that's what I figured. I've seen ads in English for regarding the rent brake
  2. How to raise my tenants rent

    Just curious but if the tenant can "flip you the bird" over a rent increase than why things like rent brake, or what I keep seeing on FB ads for fighting rent increases. 
  3. got the letter but no luck getting a box, instead when I get an email I just ask to send it to the local post office
  4. Apartment problems/Landlord

    Ha Ha welcome to Toytown, why I'm a long time lurker very occasional poster
  5. Münchner Eiszauber - Ice skating at Karlsplatz

    Speaking of skating, does any know of an equivalent term for skaters ankle, meaning when you skate your ankles are bent    Thanks
  6. Trying to create an account online but I keep getting a password error message. I already have an DHL account are they not connected?   I order a ton of stuff online and I want the neighbors to stop taking my packages. the delivery guy won't even ring our bell anymore.