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  1. Office 365 renewal

    OK quick update: don't be an idiot like me and forget to activate it. I missed it as they put it at the end of the German instructions. Had deleted the email so had to repurchase it. No real hardship.  Just cntrl F and  Hier erhalten Sie einen Key für 1x PC-Aktivierung and you will find it. 
  2. Noticed this on twitter today - It seems that December was the last full month for subsidies so we'll have to see what the new year brings.  Germany new car registrations December 2022:   ·       Electric 33.2% ·       Plug-in hybrid 22.3% ·       Petrol 20.6% ·       Hybrid 12.8% ·       Diesel 10.8% t
  3. Only in America

      is it self defence or is it murder?   interesting tibbit on open carry laws (?) you can still be charged with carry a gun even in places that don't require a permit - there are many pitfalls with guns in America and so much  depends on the cops and the local prosecutor. In the article I read the gun shop owner highly recomended doing the open carry permit as mentioned too many pitfalls.
  4. Can anyone recommend a vnp?

    I use GetFlix Smart DNS rather than a VPN per se - reasonably priced and so far working. 
  5. What's it like on a long haul trip - seems to be a lot of range anxiety out there. For local stuff obviously won't be a problem as you can charge at night. How often do you need to charge and how long does it take? On a long trip my wife and I stop every 250-300K but some people are really good at hauling ass. My one student for example went to Disney land Paris from Frankfurt for the day, drove straight through non stop. 
  6. What made you smile today?

    Woke up today looked at the clock, smiled, and rolled over and went back to sleep   1st day of retirement ahhhh
  7. Wow I would have assumed it would have been the same as your NK, by the end of the following year. Learn something new every day
  8. Random pointless comments

    Why do I like arguing with strangers???
  9.     via twitter    
  10. Fantastic Interview if you care about this I recommend setting aside an hour to listen to it. He also does a summary of it as well what I linked to.   I highly recommend his newsletter as well - it's a nice change from The Locals coverage.    Interview: Germans are 'brainwashed' on renewables
  11.   That's already the case in Finland with public chargers, at the moment it's cheaper to fill up your ICE than charge your EV - sorry don't have the link.  it's just a matter of time till the government starts ramping up taxes on EVs to replace the lost income from gasoline taxes.   There is a massive push to electrify everything under the sun, from cars (EVs) to heating systems (heat pumps) but aside from the cost ( a heat pump costs 5 to 10 times as much money as a gas or oil furnace 20,000-50,000€ or more depending on the system). The question nobody is asking is how in the hell is the grid going to be able to handle this. Watch an EV youtube video and every presentor makes the same point. It's Ok when one person on the street has a charge box but when everyone has one the grid will collapse. The governor of California had to ask car owners not to charge their batteries as the grdi couldn't handle it. And this was before shutting down the last of their nuclear power pants. Switzerland is banning the charging of EVs during the winter again for the same reasons.   There's also the issue of can the world open enough mines (approx 500 more needed in the next couple of years) to meet all these targets. Watch the price of copper - that is the canary in the coal mine!   Meanwhile in La La Land France gets finned a half billion Euros for not producing too little carbon. Unlike the green Germans Frances fleet of nuclear power plants produces almost no carbon -to meet targets people are going to have to do a lot more driving!!!       
  12. Office 365 renewal

    Yes the email has a link to both German and English Quick  note when opening the compressed file you have two options, Set Up and Start - forget which one to click on but if you get error message simply click on the other lnk
  13. Office 365 renewal

    So my Office 365 subscription has been cancelled and I have Office, thank you so much - took a few attempts to get it downloaded but it is now on my computer. One minor change is they send the link by email rather than sofort downloads. Again thanks!!!!!
  14. So I was today years old when I learned that leaving your heater knob at a touch under 3 keeps you bathroom reasonably warm, guess because of this  via the German Review - highly recommend subscribing, quite different from The Local  
  15. Office 365 renewal

      Holy crap that is what is call an answer!!!!   Somedays I think you an AI bot your detailed answers are just at another level, again thanks