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  1. Was reading a good article in Focus and the Greens have admitted that not only will they miss their green energy targets but that people will be very upset. Was very honest of them.   i was out with some pensioner friends today and I thought they are going to be in for some serious painNone of them can afford to see a huge jump in heating or electricity costs, for them it will be a choice between heating and eating.   Seems the US is determined to repeat the Texas disaster of last year, but like Texas, which was Republicans bei g Republicans this was greens setting out to destroy the grid. Lonish article but worth reading    In the Nordic region — where vast supplies of hydro power tend to cap prices — costs surged 470 per cent from a year earlier.   OUCH 🤯
  2. Great Reddit thread here on LNG imports in the Europe.
  3. My impression is that this doesn't seem to be getting much traction in the German media, is that correct or am I missing something (i.e. consuming only or mostly English media)?
  4. . . Seems that gas prices have hit record highs again to quote from another twitter user   I find it profoundly weird that no one it talking about the looming energy crisis in Europe. It is the biggest risk as we go into 2022, And it is actually weird saying "risk". Prices have gone up by a factor of 4 or 5. It's a reality. This is of the magnitude of the oil shocks in the 1970s. At some point the European economy is just going to stop as governments fight to secure supplies for retail customers. It's not Mr Putin's fault. As much as Gazprom is making hay and Russia is playing politics with Nordstream (2), the supply is there, as it has always been.    I don't now how energy prices are set for retail in other markets, but in the UK, prices are capped to protect consumers. This means the burden is being felt by suppliers And suppliers are going bust. Until Bulb went bust in November, suppliers absorbed the new customers, mostly because it was small fry, but we're now at the limit. The govt bailed Bulb's 1.7mn customers,    and this seems to be the missing piece   And I presume that because people aren't on the street protesting elsewhere, retail prices are capped in other countries, which means energy companies elsewhere are loss making    What does it take for this to become a crisis where people don't get supplied? A big company going bust, I presume. One which has customers across borders like EON or EDF And it is only a matter of time. Prices keep rising. Someone, or everyone, is still on the wrong side of the trade. Disaster is coming. Omicron is but a distraction     Link Here
  5. Mobile phone insurance

    Thanks that's what I thought. As mentioned I did get coverage for a stolen ipad but it was very specific circumstances - i.e. the guy grabbed it right of my hand, had he simply lifted it from the tsble it wouldn¡t have been covered. Much cheaper is a good quality case. 
  6. Mobile phone insurance

    Wonder if anyone has any updates to this. Original post was 2011, a decade later Apple offers theft and damage insurance but it's pricey (about 50% of the cost of the phone) This kind of coverage seems to be quite common along with fraudulent claims (according a TV show I watch.    edit: quick google search using deepl to translate iphone theft insurance shows quite a few results wondering if anyone has had any experience with this.    edit: I did get coverage for having my ipad stolen from my contents insurance but it is pretty limited in coverage.
  7. Bathroom damaged, trying to use Haftpflichtversicherung

      Perhaps   Suggestions anyone?   Curious but did you check with your insurance broker before putting a claim in? I had my backpack stolen in Barcelona (damn those guys are good) so I dropped @john g. a line and asked him what they covered. He explained the process and I made sure my police report reflected that.  And you probably already know this but deepl is fantastic for translation much better than google translate. 
  8. Something odd I find about this whole thing is that according to Javier Blas and others I follow on Twitter Europe is in the midst of a massive energy crisis. To Quote   EUROPEAN ENERGY CRISIS: Wow, wow, wow... I'm running out of words to describe the European short-term electricity market. Multiple records breached for Monday. With the exception of Poland and Scandinavia, all Europe is above €300 per MWh (France and Switzerland near €400)   Energy prices are not up just a bit but 100s of percent, 700% I think yet it doesn't seem to be reflected in end user prices. I did get a letter asking if I wanted to increase my heating bill a bit but still very very reasonable. if end user prices were to increase 5 fold overnight you should be seeing massive protests in the streets, yet nothing. so what am I missing? I have seen some complaints about other countries, in Belgium and Spain household electricity costs have doubled. So are we all in for a massive shock when we get our NK at the end of next year?    
  9. Bathroom damaged, trying to use Haftpflichtversicherung

    What about asking/searching on a German language forum? I'm sure this has come up before and you know how Germans love their insurance!
  10.   That actually makes sense, we sold our first car here that way, lady who bought it had her garage guy help her with the sale, he knocked us down a few hundred DM for not having all the service reciepts. Than Wirkaufendienauto did the same, I had the sales receipts but not the service heft - now every service I make sure I get the stamps.
  11.   Interesting, isn't that the same idea that gets police off the hook for shooting people in America, opps I screwed up, didn't really mean to shoot him in the back, oh well!
  12. Why are you unhappy today?

    Face Timing with family whether we should postpone our holidays again!
  13. CO2 pricing

    I suggest checking out Michael Shellenberger he has some interesting thoughts on renewables and such.
  14. 3G in Restaurants?

    Well for the first time ever I actually got asked for id to verify my QR code!!!
  15.   I realize I screwed up the numbers, I forgot about the withholding tax so it was a nice thought but I'm going to be over the limit. It does save me some hassle as I was going hire a lawyer to remove my name for our investment property, but no need to do this now.