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  1. Coin counting machine locations?

    At the moment, yes.
  2. Coin counting machine locations?

    Where are you getting so many coins from? Just pay by card and this extra hassle is eliminated. 
  3. Ordering from USA to Munich...taxes?

    But surely even used goods are subject to import rules, fees and limits if sent by post? isn't it the value that counts?   --- Since moving to Germany from Switzerland we've noticed that in some cases (for orders from outside of the EU) it's cheaper (no customs fees) to ship to Switzerland (where we maintain an address) and then import into Germany personally. This gets around the very low postal import limit that Germany has compared to Switzerland's limit.  Of course this is only a solution if you live near enough to the border to make it feasible.   
  4. Ordering from USA to Munich...taxes?

    I'd go lower and avoid customs hassle and fees altogether - doesn't stuff under 22€ still sail through tax free? Put $6 per pair and your under the limit.
  5. Strange behavior at Deutsche Bank

    That article is from 2009, - a couple of years later they decided not to go ahead with such a phase out.    My relatives are generally using the same tradespeople for work on owned property, so they are happy to take them and have the regular custom and income, even if the money only goes into their account a little later than with another form of payment. Presumably for a large job which is paid for in cash, they have to go to the bank anyway to bank the money.
  6. Strange behavior at Deutsche Bank

    I would say that that is also true of other payment methods. Every method has advantages and drawbacks for both user and recipient. 
  7. Strange behavior at Deutsche Bank

    And no doubt the decline will continue everywhere, but I don't see print newspapers disappearing in the next couple of decades.  I can't understand why people actually pay for them though unless they have a really good subscription deal and prefer the comfort of having it delivered. I'm in favour of free newspapers completely financed through advertising as it's nice to read something on paper whilst commuting rather than being glued to a screen.
  8. Strange behavior at Deutsche Bank

    I'd say 'most people' is the answer to that, i.e. more than half of the population. Otherwise why are they still being produced and distributed?! 
  9. Strange behavior at Deutsche Bank

      The quality wasn't considered appalling back when there was no alternative. Why upgrade/shell out money for something new when what you have works fine and does what you want it to do? Setting the timer on a VCR is hardly difficult. It depends what generation you're from. Many people who have continued to use VCRs, or in the case of my aunt, a VCR/DVD combo, won't have a clue about other ways of watching/recording/digitising. But we've gone off topic.    Cheques are hardly one of the main causes of felling trees, especially nowadays. Not when you compare them with something with far more waste paper like print newspapers, magazines, brochures etc. which are just flicked through and tossed away, not to mention all of the copies that are produced but never read. 
  10. Buying property in Germany

    Depends on the region and if you do it through an estate agent. We bought ours privately so avoided the horrendous agent fees that they charge buyers here.    Generally when you sell, you take into account what you have spent on the property, the original purchase transaction with the associated fees and set your price accordingly to claw back all costs. If you break even and get all your money back then owning is clearly much more advantageous. Renting is basically just dead/lost money. 
  11. Strange behavior at Deutsche Bank

    Plenty of people. Just because some people consider some things to be outdated, it doesn't mean to say they really are, nor that people will stop using them.  We still have books, CDs, DVDs and VHS tapes, the latter we can play in either of our two working VCRs.   My aunt has only in recent weeks stopped using VHS tapes to record from the TV and she has only stopped as it is technologically no longer possible for some reason.  She can still watch the stuff she has recorded. 
  12. Tax on house sales (capital gains)

    Can I assume that for residence, only the time that you were a legal and tax resident in the dwelling counts and not the time before? I purchased our flat (empty) in November 2017. The flat is only in my name and not in my partner's. It has never been rented out.  My partner became a legal resident in May 2018, but I guess this doesn't count as it's only in my name (??)  I only became a legal resident in January 2019.  From when can I sell the flat (in case we decide to move and have to sell to be able to buy something else) without incurring CGT? 
  13. Strange behavior at Deutsche Bank

    I would, currently here in Germany, not accept a cheque either unless: - it was from a person or company I knew,  - it was free to deposit  - and I didn't have to send on any money to anywhere else before it cleared.    However I would personally still write cheques as payment to others if it were possible here, even more so if I were to return to the UK.
  14. Strange behavior at Deutsche Bank

    No, otherwise I wouldn't have asked.    ----- Another advantage of cheques (for the user) is if the cheque is lost, for example if the shop loses it or it gets thrown away by mistake, the buyer is ordinarily never charged for that transaction.  I remember my aunt worked in a store where they had a refit and was helping with the removal of the old tills. They found a dozen or so cheques which had slipped down behind the till drawer - many of which were years old. After six months the bank can refuse to honour the cheque and the user can also cancel it, there's also a chance that the account has since been closed. Free shopping! 
  15. Strange behavior at Deutsche Bank

    I have four relatives who still regularly pay by cheque to people who come to do work for them as they don't keep cash on the premises.  Plenty of shops still take cheques as well.  In 2017, 400 million cheques were written in the UK. That's about 6 cheques per person per year, or one every second month. Unless they are phased out legally, it will be decades before they disappear entirely as there'll always be a group of people who continue to use them quite a bit, even if the rest of the population doesn't.