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  1. Conspiracy theorists

      Indeed. For some reason this story and talk reminds me of the dreadful Dr Harold Shipman case in the UK.  
  2. Why are you happy today?

    That's what I In-Fur-nessed John.  
  3. Why are you happy today?

    Here we go!  
  4. How? You still need fewer documents there than in other countries. 
  5. Which law?  I never mentioned any law. 
  6. You didn't mention that the stay was going to be less than three months in your earlier post.  I didn't know that tourists in Germany could get the vaccine here.  You need to consider the time frame carefully if it is possible though, as there is the second dose to think about.     Whatever the situation, the general advice/recommendation is to avoid all unnecessary travel to prevent further spreading.  
  7. What the man is doing could be considered harassment and you might want to consider talking to the Police who may talk to the man.  What he is doing is also creating more costs as every time it is switched back on again it is using more energy to get the temperature back up to what it should be.    Unfortunately in different buildings there are different systems. In some places it will be locked up in other places it isn't. Seems a bit dangerous to me for it to be just open/unlocked. Anybody with a key to the building could get in there, vandalise and/or remove parts to sell, let alone switch it on and off at will. Maybe the building itself isn't even locked.   In larger buildings I guess it is always locked and a caretaker deals with it. Smaller blocks though, like the OP's, may have other, somewhat flimsier arrangements.  
  8. What's got you flummoxed today?

    Indeed, disgusting. But why do you need the company to do it? You could just print one out yourself at that stage. Plenty of stuff online.   Highly unlikely that neither the company one nor a homemade one will be valid in court.  
  9. It has nothing to with being in Schengen or not. Ireland is in the EU but not in Schengen for example. And all non-Germans are foreigners in Germany, whether EU or non-EU.  Obviously they don't have to quarantine if they have a negative test result that is accepted by the Germans.  They are supposed to register with the Gemeinde though, IF they intend to stay for more than 90 days, regardless of nationality, otherwise how will they get the vaccine? Unless you can buy it.  As for not being allowed to travel to Germany, you need to check the restrictions shorty before purchasing tickets and travelling so as not to be caught out. Restrictions can change from one day to the next depending on outbreaks and mutations, as we have seen recently.     Whatever the situation, the general advice/recommendation is to avoid all unnecessary travel to prevent further spreading.  
  10. As long as they quarantine, register as residents and take out health insurance, as then they will need the vaccines.  And your key word is almost. I thought total immunity wasn't possible, especially with mutations.    Whatever the situation, the general advice/recommendation is to avoid all unnecessary travel to prevent further spreading.  
  11. Coronavirus  Well over 80'000 dead in the UK from  the virus. Currently the fifth highest in the world. Looking more and more likely that the figure will end up well over 100'000 in the coming months.  Queen Elizabeth II (94) and her husband Prince Philip (99) receive their first covid vaccinations.    
  12. And best that there is no contact by letter as the authorities never have up to date addresses for every single person in any case. In the regions where send the stuff out many will get lost or sent back. A massive waste of paper and envelopes. Think of all those letters that go to people who don't want the vaccine or have left the country without notifying the authorities or redirected their post.  Others who do want it can just contact their doctor and arrange it  when it's time.
  13.  Is the travel necessary? I thought there was a lockdown and that all travel was to be avoided. Or has this changed again?
  14. Brexit: The fallout

    Any business not wanting to serve customers in non-GB locations are only harming themselves as shoppers will still buy, just somewhere else.  
  15. US Presidential Election Fallout

      Presumably it was too chilly for golf.