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  1. Police fine, but evidence is missing (Bußgeld)

    Unless they reply to the email.  
  2. But ultimately it is the tradesperson/worker who is avoiding paying tax, not the customer. If the trade is off-the-books, there's no invoice, so the issue is between the tradesperson and authorities.
  3. But who would ever check/ask for this invoice?
  4. Included? So they could be 'charging' it but then not passing it on to the state - because there is no receipt and so no trace of the transaction/work?! 
  5. Is this a problem for the person who pays or just a problem for who is working like this and not charging/invoicing/paying VAT?
  6. Hair fall treatment doctor in Munster

    Try introducing millet into your diet if you don't already consume it.  Millet is a rich source of vitamins and minerals and this may help you.
  7. German health insurance in another EU country

    Another category would be cross-border workers who reside in Switzerland and work in Germany. They may elect to take out German health insurance to replace compulsory (and generally more expensive) Swiss health insurance.
  8. German health insurance in another EU country

    Are you planning to maintain that health insurance policy? Is that even an option?
  9. Suing employer for discrimination / wrongful firing

    Is it based on nationality alone or new country of residence also? If a third country national moves to another EU country (or Switzerland, Iceland, Norway) for example?
  10. Ordering from USA to Munich...taxes?

    True, when moving you can, generally, shift your stuff, tax and duty free both ways at or around the time of your move. You need to prove that you are moving (change of legal residence).  But, isn't it that you can only take advantage of this once per move? Sending stuff later, even used stuff, by post or courier, wouldn't count as part of the move but rather a new or separate importation of goods and thus subject to import duty just like any other parcel winging its way into Germany from outside the EU customs area.
  11. Suing employer for discrimination / wrongful firing

    Although this may prove quite expensive or not at all feasible in some situations, especially if the properties are not owner-occupied, who wants to pay double rent?!
  12. Do they have to tell you they are going to check it and you have to agree to this before/when placing the order?
  13. Finding a social circle

    Are you sure that the breakfast should be light?! 
  14. Suing employer for discrimination / wrongful firing

    I'm sorry for your bad experience. It sounds like mobbing. If this is how it's always going to be, then, for your health, you're far better off out than in.    Where were you living before you moved to Bonn? Do you really have to leave Germany for good though, just because of this? Can you both not look for other jobs here and/or claim benefits meantime?
  15. Coin counting machine locations?

    At the moment, yes.