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  1. Again this is all mere speculation on your part and the continuous bandying about of your sick ideas. All of your posts are vile and unnecessary and have no place on the forum, least of all on this discussion. Nothing you have added is relevant to the case and all of it appears to me to be trolling. Please stop doing this. You appear to be the only person who is interested in killing since you are the one who keeps bringing it up. I am concerned for the welfare of my family members and the resting place of a pet. A pet for me, is a family member.
  2. non-employed person, no tax return received

    A useful reply also back from our local office. The part concerning non-employed persons (which was my partner's case for 2018):    Abgabepflichtig sind Sie auch dann, wenn Sie selbst kein Arbeitsentgelt beziehen, aber - Ihre steuerpflichtigen Einkünfte, etwa als Rentner, über dem Grundfreibetrag liegen. 2018 sind das 9.000 Euro pro Person (2019: 9.168 Euro). 102 Euro Werbungskostenpauschale oder höhere nachweisbare Kosten erhöhen diesen Betrag; ausschlaggebend ist bei Rentnern nur der Teil der Rente, der steuerpflichtig ist; - Ihr Ehe- oder Lebenspartner Arbeitnehmer ist und eine der oben genannten Voraussetzungen erfüllt oder - Sie einen Verlustvortrag geltend gemacht haben.   Erzielen Sie keine Einkünfte aus nichtselbstständiger Arbeit besteht unter gewissen Voraussetzungen trotzdem eine Abgabepflicht für Ihre Steuererklärung. Selbstständige, Gewerbetreibende, Vermieter und Rentner müssen übrigens immer dann eine Steuererklärung machen, wenn ihr Einkommen den Grundfreibetrag übersteigt.   Beim Zuzug nach Deutschland fordert das Finanzamt nicht jeden Steuerpflichtigen automatisch zur Abgabe einer Steuererklärung auf. Der Steuerpflichtige selbst muss, soweit wegen den oben genannten Voraussetzungen erforderlich, eine Einkommensteuererklärung beim Finanzamt einreichen.    As far as I can tell we don't need to do anything as long as any income remains between €0.-- and €9'000.-- per annum, which was my partner's case for 2018 is is highly likely to be for 2019. 
  3. I had no idea that people would start introducing other irrelevant stuff or fling wild and vile accusations around. Whether the pets are alive or not is not relevant and I don't have to reveal that. I was enquiring generally. I certainly didn't cause any of the drama for the simple reason I did not force anyone to post anything of that nature, They chose to. It was totally unnecessary and completely inappropriate.
  4. The problem with you post is though that at no point did I state that the pet had already passed away three days previous. This was merely your incorrect assumption, making it and anything posted in connection with it totally irrelevant, again simply derailing the thread.    As for endlessly trying to sucker people into responding. Firstly isn't that what a forum is about? Posting and responding. The problem here is we have people, who have obviously nothing better to do, adding details to the story which are not true and people are replying to those comments. So yes, you clearly have people on here posting trite and in some cases ludicrous and abhorrent remarks, suggestions and conclusions all of which are merely forms of apparently tolerated trolling, none of which were asked for, nor do they have anything to do with the case, but are suckering (as you put it) others, including yourself, into replying to them.  Had I have known that there would have been people like this here jumping on the thread, I would never have posted on this particular forum. 
  5. We're not Swiss but lived in Switzerland previously. We are fairly new here, including on the forum. We have some unusual situations. If the situations weren't true, I wouldn't have posted.
  6. After they pass you can gently put them into the position for final resting.  I've had cats before and regarding the smell, this was not my experience, ever. The statement also suggested that three days passed and as such that we would have difficulty with the box. This is an incorrect statement.
  7. It's not like that at all. Whoever moved in would have had to do some renovation over time in any case and the neighbours knew this time would eventually come. They had the opportunity to buy the flat themselves, for years, but didn't want to pay what he was asking for it. Initially, the relationship was very good between us and they were so pleased our predecessor had left as he caused them no end of problems, didn't pay his way and made a lot of noise, including leaving a dog tied up and barking outside all day as well as music and partying late at night.
  8. We did not, as we felt that reporting him to the Police would have soured relations entirely, once and for all and there would have been no way back. I think we made the right decision not to. Obviously they are aware that we were very frightened following a couple of episodes and will not hesitate to escalate it to the Police and/or appropriate authorities should there be another similar or serious incident. The woman knows that sooner or later she herself will have to do something about him, otherwise he may take things too far, particularly with her in the flat after he has had too much to drink. Since the incident and their knowledge that we will not tolerate this again, he seems to be calmer at least with us and has not done anything more to us. I have spoken to a doctor in confidence about it to see how we could proceed if need be. The snag being if we do report this somewhere, like to a health official or town hall etc., concerning the delirium and dementia, this will sour things again with the woman, as they will know it is us.  The man has lost his wallet twice in recent months, including all his cards and ID etc. once left at a checkout, the other time he doesn't know. He has also lost their house keys three or four times over one year. He got the idea into his head that we had taken them. They have changed their locks several times because of this.   As for insurance and the door, we were going to replace it shortly anyway, so I am not sure what could have been claimed. The previous one was full length glass which we did not like, it was very old and weak. We taped it up from the inside and used a supplementary chain whilst we were waiting for the new door which has no glass, so now he would have difficult in repeating what he did.
  9. Thank you again Linda. This is something that we will bear in mind.
  10. Due to illness, the garden was always off limits. Not that there was any risk from the neighbours as they are also cat-lovers and have their own cat which goes out, but thank you for your concern.
  11. Why do you feel the need to attack other users with abusive language and obscene suggestions?! Uncalled for and unnecessary.
  12. non-employed person, no tax return received

    Thank you for your help. I don't recall applying for tax numbers upon arrival. But I believe they arrived automatically. We have never used them though.
  13. Why? Surely black bags being carried from a property is just someone putting their rubbish out? What does that have to do with this case?
  14. non-employed person, no tax return received

    From what I can gather just from brief research in the meantime as well, they are and always have been required to file and as you say it is their responsibility to file - they simply have never done this - presumably to save money. My partner on the other hand had zero income in 2018 so it seems there's no necessity to file.
  15. non-employed person, no tax return received

    As far as I know, no, nothing.  So forms aren't sent out automatically and we just wait until we are contacted for this unusual situation? I guess if there was no income in 2018 then there is no tax due, but I would have at least expected some sort of check and/or a basic fee that all residents have to pay.  As mentioned, our neighbours have never paid a cent in tax in Germany in 13 years, yes they are retired and I know that pensions are not taxed in their entirety in Germany. Nevertheless Swiss pensions can be quite high, so I would have expected them to have to pay a few thousand each year (based on what they told me they receive), but that they have never even been contacted. They are definitely resident and have been for the whole time. No idea how they have managed to stay under the radar for so long, or does it just go on trust here and they were/are meant to declare without being asked?!