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  1. Of course, much easier and makes more sense all round. But it will take some time for all transport companies to catch up.
  2. In this case it would have to be proven that the OP acted deliberately or wilfully. Did he?
  3. Whilst this is an excellent idea, I believe it will be years, probably decades, if ever, before paper based solutions are eliminated entirely. Not everyone has a mobile, let alone a smartphone - so unless these become compulsory along with apps on the phones, which is highly unlikely, then other solutions will still be provided.   You can't force someone to use an app. I'm guessing there will always be an uptake of about 80% on these things. Elderly, vulnerable, disabled and less well-off people simply won't be able to comply for various reasons.  What you could do is eliminate paper-based transferable passes and make it a digitally readable card, so that if the card is lost, it can be rendered invalid in the system. The person who perhaps finds the card can't use it as it has been deactivated.
  4.  But has the OP actually been charged with anything?
  5. Accused of torrenting copyrighted material

    The length of the connection is totally irrelevant.  Just tell them it was not you personally, you have no idea what they are referring to and that others have access i.e. you do not live alone. 
  6. You paid an amount to them. There is nothing to stop any of them sending further demands however, especially since they now know you simply pay them.  I mean, is there any written agreement signed by all parties to say that it's over?! 
  7. Is anything mentioned in the contract about this subsequent professional cleaning (regardless of covid)? If you've washed them and nothing is specified I feel that the 'professional' cleaning is their choice and not your concern and as such they should pay.  Because at that point they could easily charge far more for it by going to their favoured dry-cleaning outlet. 
  8. Entering my flat without my permission

    She could have procured a knife and just held it, but not used it on him in any way, if she wanted him to exit the property because she felt threatened. This would not have got her in trouble.
  9. If you declare the UAE income to the German tax authorities, then yes it would be considered taxable. Whether you have a flat in Germany is not relevant. It would be the Abmeldung that means you're no longer liable to pay any tax here.  You can be 'angemledet' still without an actual property (rented/owned/other).
  10. German VAT when invoicing clients in the U.S.

    You never charge German VAT. Sometimes the destination country's VAT is charged. 
  11. Entering my flat without my permission

    Moreover, I also find it absurd and disturbing that he then took it upon himself to walk through the flat and unlock the entrance door to let himself out. This is totally unacceptable. There could have been another person (possibly even undressed) there going about their life in the privacy of that dwelling, there could have been a dog, a baby, a mother breastfeeding, a boyfriend, anything. And as I said before - the worker was risking not only being caught on any indoor cam that may have been present and on, but also there not being keys hanging in the door to get out so quickly as he did.  The worker simply didn't stop and think - he just did exactly as he pleased within private property which he wilfully invaded against the resident's will. Bonkers - and a horrible experience for the OP.  This is not just any old flat - this is her home. And she has the right to privacy and the right to feel safe in it.    If I were the OP I would not let that guy back in or give a key to anyone else at all. And I think the agency is merely asking for trouble if they insist on it being him to carry out the work.
  12. Crazy Medication

    I say private, but we're probably not in either the private or public system, but you can't tick 'neither' on a form.  Since we moved here we've had to fill in a couple of forms, can't remember what for now, but it asked if we were with private or public insurance. I had to ask what to tick and was told to put private. We're not with Continentale but I did come across them incidentally when researching.  We have Swiss insurance with a KK. We got cards from a German Kasse as well (DAK) but we will rarely use them and there is no premium for it. The back of the German card which is normally the EHIC is invalid and is a series of 'x'es.