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  1. Coronavirus

    On the other hand online shopping and deliveries can be a lifeline during a pandemic and people become reliant on these possibilities which only a fraction of businesses offer. If local businesses don't keep up and diversify, then yes they will get left behind and eventually fold. High streets already have the most empty ground floor units, with rising rents this is likely to continue to be the case.
  2. health

    but when you don't think they've done something particularly special. I don't know that it's archaic (yet).   Bully was also the bull / mascot on the British show Bullseye. Jim Bowen's catchphrase was 'you can't beat a bit of bully'. Possibly slang for darts (?) Getting way off topic. But John's fault, as usual. 
  3. Coronavirus

    I think the shampoo is intended as a nasal rinse. The mouthwash for the oral rinse.    Nasal rinses and mouthwashes, which directly treat the major sites of reception and transmission of HCoV, may provide an additional level of protection against the virus. While clinical trials will be necessary to confirm the virucidal potential of these products and assess their ability to limit transmission of HCoV within the general population, in the current manuscript we have demonstrated here that several commonly available healthcare products have significant virucidal properties with respect to HCoV.   Doctors have already been utilizing baby shampoo for chronic sinus infections for years.
  4. Coronavirus

    No brands mentioned though unless you google and follow links. Is this to avoid the Daily Express causing a rush to supermarkets or other shops with people stockpiling 'No more tears' whilst they hurry to grab the last pack of toilet rolls?   Results here:  John you could cause the price of Johnson's Baby Shampoo and Listerine mouthwash to soar by spreading this. Or maybe not as you're not on Fays-Buch. 
  5. health

    No idea what you are talking about.   General taxation funds about 80% of the budget, and National Insurance contributions cover most of the rest. Total NI contributions to the NHS in 2017/18 were estimated to be just under £24 billion which is just under 20% of the total budget. A small amount of cash is generated by patient charges, like those for prescriptions and dental care, which were introduced in the 1950s. 
  6. flight ticket cancellation

    If they do not give you a full refund then you can dispute the amount with your credit card company.  It's fraud to later charge you a higher price than the one advertised on the transaction page prior to accepting.  The price advertised on the final page before you accept, must be inclusive of all taxes and transaction charges, the only exception being if you paid in a currency different to that of your card, in which case your card provider may charge you a conversion or service fee.    Keep a record of all of the emails and phone calls so far, you may need to provide them to your card provider.    If you still intend to travel on the flight booked, then you could dispute the difference. Though if the flight is a date well into the future the company may cancel the ticket entirely because they see that you are disputing the transaction. If it is a return, you may have it cancelled whilst you are away and not be able to board the return flight.  I would cancel the whole thing to avoid any further hassle.
  7. Coronavirus

      I find any unnecessary deaths already to be 'extreme'. I find a worldwide pandemic which has clearly been out of control for some time now, to be 'extreme'.    Surely doing everything to save lives comes before the economy? Even if the economy could be described as fragile. 
  8. Minimum income for family reunification

    I know the OP isn't EU but you mentioned German citizens. For EU citizens isn't it the same as for Germans?
  9. Coronavirus

    Some would argue that there is no actual need for him to drive into the city to talk about the pandemic. You could say zooming in is better, firstly because it means one less person unnecessarily putting themselves at risk and secondly because it is one less car clogging up the roads.  Air pollution around the world is significantly less during pandemic times.  Also he didn't say anything that we really didn't already know. We know full well the pandemic is here to stay. There will be cases for years to come with or without any vaccine. I didn't need to watch the video to realise that. 
  10. Translation for "m, w, d"

    Wrong !! I'm not the one doing it! 
  11. Brexit: The fallout

    The UK left the EU back in January. After the transition period is over you mean? It depends on your reason to move to the UK and your nationality.
  12. Clocks back again by one hour this Saturday/Sunday night coming. 24/25 October.
  13. No, I wasn't aware of that. 
  14.   Clocks go back this Saturday night coming 24/25 October.  And since the clocks were put forward an hour in March, there's no extra hour - we're simply getting the hour back again.   What would we better is if we didn't have this nonsense of putting them forward and back again. It's totally unnecessary and only causes further health problems.   Whilst we want the Brexit saga and corona to be over, I don't know if anyone wants 2020 to be over. Time passes quickly enough as it is !!!  
  15. Alternative titles of threads

    Alternative tiles for treads