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  1. Fishing licence in dessau ?

    "Fishing without a license since September 2013 in Saxony-Anhalt possible Fishing without a license in Saxony-Anhalt is conditionally allowed Basically, there are two options to get around part of the big fishing trial in Saxony-Anhalt. The first option is to help an experienced fisherman " practice fishing ". Under Paragraph 28 (2), first sentence, of the Fisheries Act of Saxony-Anhalt , this possibility is permitted. However, the "experienced angler" must be in possession of a valid fishing license. The second option is relatively new. Since September 2013 fishing without a license in Saxony-Anhalt is allowed, but with some restrictions . Although the state government does not want a tourist fishing license such as Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, it has introduced a coarse fishinglicense. He is to be regarded as a kind of " mini-fishing license " in Saxony-Anhalt."   in  
  2. Fishing licence in dessau ?

    Hi there, i have moved to Dessau for some time now, and i really miss fishing  apparently, in  Sachsen Anhalt, i cant get a tourist fishing license by validating my Portuguese license, so i have to make a new one here ,  i have search about it , and i have to have classes or something and be part of a club, also, i have to take a written test .  there is a FRIEDFISCHANGELN license, for that i just have to have an interview as far has i understood but it is more limited on the styles of fishing. i only do sport fishing, no dead, catch and release. can someone give me some pointers on this? how can i fish legally in Sachsen Anhalt, i really miss fishing right now i can only fish when on vacations in Portugal , were i can get my license in 3 minutes at any atm machine