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  1. Thanks! We wound up getting a flat in Riehl. 
  2. Hi all! We will be new to Köln this spring and I'm looking for some camps or art programs that my son (age 5) can join for the summer. Ideally, I'd like a half day camp or program for him as he is not ready for a full day program. He loves art but he also likes outdoor stuff. He does not speak German (yet) so I thought that an art program could work since he'd be so immersed in the art project. Or, a bilingual camp would be great! Please advise. I had a tough time looking online.  Thanks in advance! Valerie
  3. Thanks for the replies.  He will be going to a Montessori bilingual kindergarten in the fall, not a pure German one. His personality just works better in a more structured learning environment and not a day-care type of situation. I’m very excited about the kindergarten we found as I think it’ll be a happy medium for him/us.    My question still remains: which family friendly and leafy neighborhoods are most welcoming for non-native speakers in terms of German schools since he will be going to primary/Grundschule in 2020/2021 school year    Thanks!!
  4. Hello all! Apologies if this has been answered previously (I scrolled through and didn't find a 100% match). We are an American family moving to Cologne this summer. When we relocate, our sons will be 5 and 2. We are enrolling our older son in a bilingual private kindergarten but plan on putting him in German primary school (for both financial and social reasons since we hope to stay in Germany for the long haul) the following year at age 6. I hope that his German will be decent by then but I want to make sure that the Grundschule that he will attend will be welcoming for him as a non-native speaker. We would like to relocate to a nice, family neighborhood with lots of parks and kid friendly activities but close to public transportation and the ring. Mostly, we want a school/neightborhood where our boys feel welcomed and supported by teachers and the community. Obviously, we want a great academic school as well. A lot to ask, I know, but I thought I'd give it a shot. Any ideas? Thanks!
  5. Cologne city districts and neighborhoods

    Hello, First post on this site for me. Here goes: Can anyone recommend a Cologne neighborhood that has Grundschules that are welcoming and friendly to non-native speakers? We are from the US, moving to Cologne this summer, and will send my 5 year old to one year of bilingual kindergarten. However, we cannot afford to continue to send him to private so I’m hoping he picks up the language quickly and adjusts to a German Grundschule the following year. But, with only one year of living in Germany, I’d like to settle in a neighborhood that has schools familiar with expat kids/families/customs. Mostly, I want a school that he will feel comfortable in, learn a lot, and make friends! Ideally the neighborhood would have lots of families, nice parks and easy commute to the inner city. Thanks in advance!