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  1. Where to get luminous t-shirts with my logo printed?

    Thanks Robinson   
  2. I have a pretty good t-shirt for my tour business but a client is asking whether it is possible to get it with a luminous print.   I'm a bit stuck - plenty of t-shirt printers (I generally use Vistaprint)... but luminous print I'm having no luck with. Any ideas folks?   Thanks in advance,   Taff
  3. Aschaffenburg 1945

    Hi Black 1, in the end I decided to concentrate on the history of the US 45th Division there - i found their old HQ and the pub where the landlord cracked a keg to serve to serve to his new american fiends. You are right, little to show of the ferocity of the fighting...apart from the evidence of numerous new builds  
  4. Aschaffenburg 1945

    I'm researching a possible history tour, based on the actions of the US 45th (Thunderbird) Division and will likely be in the area next month. I've got things like after-action reports and of course, the book by Kershaw but I wonder if anyone local can tell me whether this battle, which cost the lives of so many is covered in any depth in local museums? Can the scars still be seen in the city centre - like in Berlin - or is it hard to tell (well, apart from the new-builds being a give away?)   Thanks in advance, Taff