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  1. Aschaffenburg 1945

    I'm researching a possible history tour, based on the actions of the US 45th (Thunderbird) Division and will likely be in the area next month. I've got things like after-action reports and of course, the book by Kershaw but I wonder if anyone local can tell me whether this battle, which cost the lives of so many is covered in any depth in local museums? Can the scars still be seen in the city centre - like in Berlin - or is it hard to tell (well, apart from the new-builds being a give away?)   Thanks in advance, Taff
  2. English-speaking driving schools in Munich

    I had lessons back in the early 90's in the UK and automatics were an exception, rather than the rule. If anything, the concept of an automatic gearbox over a manual is what is throwing me. I'm sure I'll get used to it
  3. English-speaking driving schools in Munich

    So I've come into a small inheritance. Really not much but enough to get a licence sorted. Does anyone have any recent experience of English speaking teachers?   I would like to nail a manual gearbox test after my basic one; how does this work in Germany?