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  1. Change of tax class online

    Hello, I have a question about the form. My husband and I got married back home (Croydon) in May 2018. He moved to Munich in August 2018, did all the formalities and papers, started his job in September. Due to the fact that I "officially" moved in and registered in December 2018, he was paying class tax 1. As I've said, I moved in in December 2018, sorted out all the documents, but do not yet work and have no taxable income. We thought that the tax revenue services are going to put us in the appropriate  tax classes automatically (very naive thinking :)). I am currently filling out the changing form (like to be prepared) and we are going to file it together in person.  Now, the question is what should I mark for numbers 19-20? He was taxed class 4 for January 2019 and class 1 for the months September-December 2018. I know we will probably not be able to take any tax return for the months I wasn't here "officially", even though I had no income in the UK. If I fill out "rückwirkend - grds. nur im laufenden Kalenderjahr - ab dem Monat der Heirat gelten", are they gonna calculate it themselves  and give us taxes back for January 2019 or are they gonna say "well, you got married in the UK, where you were both residents for tax purposes at the time, and then only one of you came here". Or should I just not bother at all and put "ab dem Folgemonat der Antragstellung gelten" and if we are entitled on some tax return they will do it automatically...HELP....Very confused...Hard drive overheating.... System reboot...Pfffffffff