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  1. Rant: I am from Croydon, London. That said, absolutely nothing can shock me...untill 20 min. ago.... Walking on the pavement in Unterhaching I got called "English whore, fucking bitch, something bad is gonna happen to you, fuck you, etc ".  Why? Because I was trying to go around an obese man amd his friend, taking up all of the space and walking on zigzag. At the end  I just said "sorry" and manage to squize on the side. What followed was shouting behind my back in Croation ( I know exactly how it sounds due to my neighbours ) with the occasional German slur. I turned and said " sorry, were you talking to me" and he proceeded to tell me how he does not have eyes on his back and I should have said something ( which I did, I said "sorry"), I argured that they should not take all of the pavement , considering it is quite busy at the moment, to which he said it is a free country, I am noone to tell him where to walk, again I did not say where he should be walking, I've made a remark about the fact they were taking up all the space, which by the way was more for the obese man to be honest. I would have leave it at there if he didn't start making personal threats. The "English whore" and "English fucking whore" was thrown around at least 8 times, "Fuck you", " I will rape you", "Somethint bad is going to happen to you" at this point I already started walking away, but the insults didn't stop, they continued in both German and Croation, whith them shouting "This is Germany, you should speak German, you fucking whore", I managed to go up some stairs , quite shaken and turned to see if they are still following me, just to see some old guy, obviously walking behind us, just staring at me, while the Croations continued swearing , but at this point were out of side. I called the police right there and then, because was shaking like a leaf...They took all the details, but of course said chances if finding them are slim...I  utterly shocked...Is it because of Brexit, because I wasn't call just whore, they emphasized on the word "English" quite a lot....Anyone else got verbally attacked for something so small as to ask people (normally, I had absolutely no aggression in my words of "sorry") to move aside. I expect the "This is Germany, you should speak German" from Germans to be honest, not from immigrants....Whatever... p.s. typing from phone, sorry for misspellings....