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  1. Hi!   We are relocating to Germany in a few months and I have a question on residency.   My husband is a German citizen and I am Australian. We have 2 children, both Australians. I understand that our children are entitled to dual citizenship, however atm they only have Australian passports.   1. Do you know of any issues entering the country as 1 German/3 Australians without a return ticket? 2. Will the children require German passports before entering? 3. What am I required to do after arrival, for my residency?   Vielen Dank für ihre Hilfe!
  2. Gymnasiums/schools in Lorrach and surrounds

    Can I also confirm - the age that determines the school year is the age at the beginning of the school year? My son is 8 and my daughter 10, so normally they would go into grades 3 and 5 respectively?
  3. Gymnasiums/schools in Lorrach and surrounds

    Thanks for the advice! Would it be difficult after to transition to a gymnasium? My husband and I are quite academic and we have would like our children to follow the same path, so her going to gymnasium at some point in her near future is a priority for us.
  4. Gymnasiums/schools in Lorrach and surrounds

    Thankyou everyone for your replies. This process is becoming more complicated by the day!   My daughter is very bright (A+ student), however I know that this won't count for alot when learning in another language.  My intention was to enrol them in public school and hire a German tutor for 2-3 hours a day until they pick up the language.  We could look at enrolling her in grade 4 (she is 10, turning 11 in December), so at worst she will be 1.5 years older than the youngest student.   We are looking to move in August, with the intention of starting school in September.  I think the best thing for us to do is for my husband to ring a local school and talk to the enrolments officer.
  5. Hi,   My family and I are moving to Basel (German side) in the middle of the year.  We would like to live in Lorrach, Grenzach Whylen or surrounds, however I am concerned about schooling options for our children. We have a 10 and 8 year old, both of whom speak very little German, despite having a German father.  We cannot afford an international school.  I am mainly concerned about our 10 year old, as she will be going into gymnasium. They are bright kids and I'm sure they will be fine in time, however I'm trying to make the transition as smooth for them as possible. It's our intention to stay long term.   Has anyone been in a similar situation and had either good or bad experiences integrating their children into the schools in that area? Does anyone know of any particular gymnasium in the area that is more English "friendly" than others?  Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi! We are moving to southern Germany in the middle of the year. We are looking to move to Grenzach-Wyhlen as my husband (German national) will work in Basel.   Unfortunately we cannot afford a private school. Does anyone have any advice or experience on schools in the area? Our children will be 8 and 10, with minimal knowledge of the German language.   TIA!