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  1. Great! Why don’t you tell us what you know about Einbürgerung in Pankow? You mentioned lots of credentials. You also said it varied a lot from Bezirk to Bezirk. Why don’t you drop some names about how things are going on there specifically?
  2. the topic is about Standesamt Pankow where the unbelievable passes as truth. Come take a tour of the place and make up your mind.  It’s famously the slowest Standesamt in Berlin to process applications.  I resurrected this post because they seem to have doubled their workforce and I wanted to know if there was already any known positive effect from it, but it seems it’s both too early to tell and people here wanna have a say, even when they don’t know the answer to a simple question. 
  3.   Actually this is what a few lawyer friends of mine that work with citizenship requests have said. The Beamter are simply terrified of having a "lawyered-up case" under their pile*. The Standesamt/Bürgeramt hate having to deal with lawyers and will definitely put yours always on top of their piles. If you wanna really fast track and you've already submitted everything (and from now on they'll just repeat previous documents because they themselves are stalling your request for YET another year, so another tax declaration, etc...), get a lawyer in it. The first thing the lawyer will do is request to see your application (including THEIR documents on it). That's when things take off and your application suddenly gets accepted much sooner than expected. I'll give it a few months. if by the ned of the year they're asking me for all the tax and income stuff AGAIN, it will be delivered by a lawyer.   *The friend of mine who would be my lawyer just happened to have been a worker in a German consulate abroad a while ago. She knows how they can be when dealing with applications and the reason you get the feeling each case worker applies a different law out of their own minds is because they're very poorly trained.
  4.     ...(yawn) I got all those documents. It all came down to my husband if it was too much for him that he had to prove his German nationality since 1914 and although he was very p*ssed, he said it was ok with it, so we left the lawyer option on the side for now.   In fact I have delivered documents for citizenship either by the 3 years of marriage/residency AND 6 years of residency, plus Master's degree from a German school, Einbürgerungstest, etc. Now it's all down to their famous slow processing of the requests. I just noticed they finally got the 2 extra Beamter they promised a while ago. Corona probably slowed everything even more, but has anyone had experience with them now that they have doubled the workforce?