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  1. Valid work permit?

    Just to follow up: I spoke to my lawyer, and she said the business idea was not really in the spirit of my work permit, but when she remembered that I have been in Germany for 3 years, she said that I can go to the Ausländerbehörde with all the stuff you would normally go with for a visa extension and get a change to my visa that allows me to do any kind of work. Erwerbstätigkeit gestattet. So I'll be able to go forward with my idea. The next thing I have to do, other than going to the Ausländerbehörde, is to see a lawyer with a specialty in Sozialrecht to tell me if I need to pay 19% of that money to Deutsche Rentenversicherung, and then I need to figure out how that would affect my US self-employment tax payments. If anyone reading this happens to have a recommendation for a Sozialrecht lawyer, that would be amazing.    Stay strong everyone. You *can successfully navigate this system. 
  2. Timing of health insurance claims

    Fantastic. Thank you for the helpful info 2B_orNot2B!!
  3. Timing of health insurance claims

    Hi,   A friend of mine who has private insurance with a deductible told me that her broker suggested that she send all of her health insurance claims at once, at the beginning of the calendar year, for all treatment during the previous year. Does anyone know why this would be better than sending in the claims individually at the time of treatment?   Thank you! 
  4. Valid work permit?

    Hello,   I am a US citizen, resident in Germany since December 2015, and my frelance artist visa is valid until October 2020 at which point I hope to renew it.   I make most of my money from book royalties from an American publisher and some money from performing in the EU, mostly outside of Germany at the moment.    I would like to start a business working online with American high schoolers on their writing projects- admissions essays, term papers, etc.   In your opinions, is it legal for me to start this business on my current visa? Money would flow only in the US, but my German address would be on the invoices, and I would pay all required taxes on worldwide income to both countries. I do have a lawyer and will go see her, but sometimes in areas where the law isn't clear, it's helpful to hear a number of perspectives.    Thank you.