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  1. Hi All,

    I live in a house with three apartments.

    I have a dispute with my landlord over silverfishes and their termination. I had contacted him last year to inform that the house is infested with silverfishes. They contacted a company, they used pesticides twice- in all 3 apartments and the problem is mostly gone.


    I received the Nebenkostenabrechnung and to my surprise the abovementioned cost (~400€) is included only in my cost calculation. To my knowledge, landlord is responsible to pay for such an infestation and the renter will pay only if he's the sole cause of the issue. I have objected and he came up with two points:

    •  I must pay as "Schädlingsbekämpfung" is to be paid by the renter according to the Nebenkosten item in the contract- which I object again, such one-time spraying is not part of this item.
    • As most of the insects are in my apartment, I am the reason of the issue- which I cannot accept again, having the most insects in my apartment shows there are insects in my apartment, that doesn't show I am the source of the problem.


    So, I will also get a consultation from my law insurance, but I would like to ask if anybody had such an issue. How should I pay the Nebenkosten now; paying the rest and not paying this 400 or paying all and then go to the court?


    Thanks all in advance.