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  1. Guten Morgen, Abend, Hallo

    Hello, I'm new to this forum. Sorry for my English, I speak Spanish.    I'm not new to Germany, nor Berlin, but it's always that always happens to me when I'm in Germany.    When I'm see a neighbor (in the same building) I use to say Hallo, Morgen, Abend. But most of them never reply nor turn to where I am. Or ignore me.    The other day, I was at the backyard of the building then came a man, who was looking towards a window then I said Hi,Hallo, and he turned his face to me giving me a look of hate, and rudeness,  and he turned again to keep seeing to the window. And he didn't reply to my Hallo. It was so rude and a crazy attitude.     I rather not say anything anymore. I'm tired of being open, polite, but I'm not receiving the same treatment.    Of course, I'm not generalizing but this is something that has happened to me most of the times in Berlin.    I'm now applying the "wherever you go, do what you see"... 😑