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  1. Unpaid leave during COVID-19 crisis

    Many thanks to all for replying. Just to clarify:   I have my family in the UK, it was not a vacation, I tend to visit them on occasional weekends. On this particular weekend, it became chaotic due to travel bans, lock downs and my hospital appointment coming up in the UK.   In the event that they had asked me to take unpaid leave when I returned to Berln, I would not have means to pay rent, groceries etc. In the event that I stayed in the UK and they asked me to take unpaid leave, I would not need to pay for rent and should have been ok.   Thanks to all for highlighting the issue of insurance and working rights in each country, that clears a lot of the confusion. I thought they wanted to reduce staff due to losses incurred after coronavirus.
  2. Unpaid leave during COVID-19 crisis

    They say that I must return to Berlin to work from home, and that any time in UK will either be cut from annual leave or unpaid leave as I don't have a work visa in UK so I can not work in UK. To be honest, if I am writing a paper on my laptop somewhere in UK, I am not violating any laws in UK. I am employed by Germany, work for a German employer and paid in a German bank account. I do not see why they make a big deal out of this. I have a visit VISA in the UK. I hope I can make it to Berlin tomorrow because flights are getting cancelled everyday and there is going to be a lockdown soon in both UK and Germany.
  3. Unpaid leave during COVID-19 crisis

     Are you a German national? Because I am a non-EU national here in Germany on a work VISA.   The excuse was that I was visiting family in UK over the weekend, when they emailed about working from home starting Monday. I had flights booked for the following weekend from Berlin to UK for a hospital appointment. I decided, since I am asked to work from home, I can do so in UK and stay for a week to sort out my hospital appointment and then go to Berlin once, to minimise risk of too much travelling due to corona virus. I did not think it was necessary to inform them that I was out of country as I was expected top work from home anyway. My computer ran into issues and they found out that I was not in Berlin, they made a big deal out of it and made use my annual leave for my time in UK. I would have come back on Monday morning (had my flight booked) but as they asked to work from home, I decided to travel less and stay safe.     
  4. Unpaid leave during COVID-19 crisis

        Thanks for responding. Yes, I have a work contract, I am a full time German employee. They tried to make it void by making a silly excuse this week. It seems they are trying to reduce staff.
  5. Hi, I am a non-EU citizen with a German work permit and residence permit for 3 years based on a full time work contract with a tech company in Berlin. My company has suggested that, should I wish to, I may take a 6 month unpaid leave during the corona virus crisis. My question is, how will this affect my health insurance? I won't have money to pay rent or groceries, will I be eligible for any help from the government during these 6 months? I am half way through the contract and I have paid into the German social security system for 1.5 years consistently now. I have public health insurance.