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  1. Hi all – new year, so, alas, time to think about my tax return again. I have a hopefully fairly straightforward question, and wondered if anyone could help out. The question is - can I offset university tuition fees against my German taxes? To give more information - I work full time as a freelance graphic designer here in Germany. I’m doing my first degree part-time with the Open University in the UK (started before I moved over here), for which I pay about £3500 a year in tuition fees. It’s an English Literature degree, so not really associated with my work. I’ve read some information on the internet about this, and seem to think it’s possible to put the tuition fees down as a deductible - but it’s unclear as to whether the degree has to have a connection with my work or not. Thanks very much in advance.
  2. Thanks for that Scook - I'm 46, so I think I might be a tiny bit old for that to apply (unfortunately!) :)