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  1. First of all; I apologize for any mistakes I make in language, I'm not a native English -speaker. My question may sound weird but we are contemplating moving to Karlsruhe so that only I would initially work and my husband would stay home to learn more German and to help the kids adjust etc. We come from Scandinavia and both of us work outside of home at the moment. Rents in Karslruhe seen relatively high. My work would require commuting by train - thus it makes most sense to rent a flat quite near the train station, obviously not the cheapest area. Is it madness to think that I could support alone for the whole family (for at least a few months - year, before my husband would hopefully also find a job)? With Kindergarten fees also, because kids need to learn German, my eldest probably would go to school at age 6? My salary would not be quite bad, approximately 5800€/month before taxes and places we have been looking for have been around 1000 - 1200€/month WARMMiete. The taxation is so different (I know that size of family has an impact on your tax rate) that I have no idea what to expect and also the costs of living are really difficult to calculate in advance... Thank you for your responses!