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  1. Employment issues

    As said above, Employer is not professional. When employee questioned about illegal things, employer started blaming a lot.  In the Mail mentioned due to COVID terminating with 1 month Notice period. I know it’s not true. Employer does many illegal things. 
  2. Employment issues

    In the contract it’s mentioned 3 months but now terminated with 1 month saying COVID reason. Is that true according to German rule?
  3. Employment issues

    Thanks for the information 
  4. Employment issues

    You mean to contact them for the issues..
  5. Employment issues

    The employer terminated contract with 1 month. But in the contract it’s 3 months. Can it be the case? The employer deleted the records in the database
  6. Employment issues

    Yes Employer already this to many people. Now my friend is the sufferer. I see in Germany, recording is illegal. Employer behavior is not professional at all..
  7. Employment issues

    I Think  Arbeitrechtsversicherung..
  8. Employment issues

    They don’t have anything like this.
  9. Employment issues

    No Permanent. 
  10. Employment issues

    Hi all,   I am just posting here on behalf of my friend. My friend is facing problems with the Employer since 4 months. The Employer does always illegal things breaking the german rules, I know in germany per week its not allowed to work more than 48 hours. Apart from this if they doesnot appear on weekend, the employer calls and harasses or the next day though there is no pay for it. Its completely not acceptable. Employer keeps harassing mentally and my friend is totally hurt. I know there is insurance to protect this, but the action can be taken only after 3 months. Is there any other way to get rid of this situation immediatiely? How to  proceed with this legally? Employer started blaming that the employee does not work enough. Though my friend contributed lot.