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  1. EMS fitness

    Has anyone used EMS fitness studio? Is it good for weight loss and getting fit and stay healthy. Please help me with your suggestions.
  2. Deutsch Prüfung

    ok Thanks for the suggestions.
  3. Deutsch Prüfung

    Just a quick question, Each section 60% we must score ( for ex: Hoerverstehen 60%, Leserverstehen 60%) ? or orverall schrifliche prüfung 60% ?. As said i got 127/135 points in section 1. as Leseverstehen is tough, there i missed the points.  so i will try to take only written part in February. Hope i clear B1 this time. I will practice the same Telc book again by revising the grammar.   Any other books you suggest?
  4. Deutsch Prüfung

    Not in one of the four sections. I got 127 out of 135 in the written exam.  I felt really tough in the reading part. and i know there i lost.  Yes as i have given the exam in november, i can re-take exam only this year for the written right? this year already done and there are no more exams in any of the centres. So the next possible dates in February. am aiming in February. I also bought Telc B1 book and practiced it. but i still lost with 8 points :(
  5. Deutsch Prüfung

    Hi all,   I gave an exam Tech Zertifikat Detusch B1 in november but unforunately the written was not cleared with 8 points difference. I cleared speaking with 90% though. Now my question is am thinking to take the exam B1 again in the coming months. But many said DTZ A2.B1 exam is easy when compared to Telc B1. I am now confused which exam should i give again? This certificate is important for me. Also if i take an Vorbereitung kurs would i clear the Telc B1. any suggestions please.