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  1. Travel to the US and back.

    Thanks for the info!
  2. Travel to the US and back.

    Did you administer the test yourself or was it done by medical personnel?  I am flying out of Frankfurt on the 26th with my wife and three kids, as I am unfamiliar with Frankfurt does anyone have a suggestion as to where I can get the testing done.  I don't mind if it is not free and I have to pay for it.
  3. Landlord claims I damaged his doorstep (without evidence)

    Thanks for the update
  4. Which past members do you miss the most?

    Yes, absolutely 
  5. Handy am Steuer

    I am all for severe penalties for using a cellphone while operating a moving vehicle but I can understand the pressure that comes under when one is running on company time especially in this present digital age -- where everything is schnell schnell schnell.   In the last company I was in we were given the contacts/clients details via a program that could only be accessed by our laptops all our previous files that were previously given to us in paper format is now only digital, which can only be accessed via internet on a laptop.    Our Werkkries is southernly from the Swiss border to the Austrian border, westerly next to Reutlingen and easterly to Ingolstadt above Munich.  Anyone here in Germany can attest to the absolute horrid coverage that exists here in Germany where you turn a bend in the road and are immediately cut off from your call.  The worst part is so many of the roadside "parking" have zero connectivity so you can't even inform your client as to if you will be punctual or not which was a requirement to call a half hour before arrival to inform the client as to your expected TOR.   So because our company wants to save our trees but drill for oil instead I can no longer take a quick peek at a paper file (paper is Umweltunfreundlich) for a clients number at a traffic light but I now have to boot up a laptop and hope that it will connect and synchronize before the light turns green and the signal disappears once again.  And when you have over 3 clients per day and have been driving over 300km your brain says fuck it, pick up any phone even your private that has a signal and dial.   Sometimes, I am not even late but I will still get a call from our main office asking me if I will be on time. It gets to you eventually, I am usually a chilled person, but it does get to you.  
  6. Handy am Steuer

    Yeah, it's not something I usually do as normally i have the Freisprechanlage function running but on that day I was not using my normal company vehicle so my phone was not connected.  There was massive Roadwerk ahead with a traffic light so I turned the engine off and I called to tell the client I might be late, somewhere up in the surrounding hills was an officer with his binoculars taking everyone's license down, 200 meters down the road they pulled me over along with 15 other vehicles.  I told them I was at the light with the engine off and she told me she will write that in her report but I most probably will still be fined for it.   But yes, I agree - it was wrong of me to operate a phone regardless. 
  7. Handy am Steuer

    Ok, well that's a relief. Thank you!
  8. Handy am Steuer

    Idk = I don't know 😉
  9. Handy am Steuer

    Idk, I ran it through Google translate and got even more confused.   My son believes it to mean discontinued or absolved.   That would be great!
  10. Handy am Steuer

    Briefly, I was pulled over on the 19.05.21 by the police for using my phone whilst driving a company auto. Understandably, the police said I will be receiving a fine and a point off my license. The fine they said will be sent directly to me and not to the company. Another colleague of mine was also caught that day and received his fine via the post about 3 weeks ago.  The only thing I received in the post from them is the below link   There was no fine included or any other information.  I will be leaving Germany permanently at the end of this month and I am trying to tie up all my loose ends here.  Am I legally required to contact the police and tell them to send me the fine, or can I just leave this as a lucky chance? I certainly don't want any serious repercussions or blow back, especially if in some way the police think that I am trying to evade a fine.  But if they haven't given me a fine then I haven't been fined, or?   As usual they spelt my names incorrectly, could that be a factor here?