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  1. I would really appreciate if anyone be able to tell me the names of the tax files I need to submit for working in Germany as permanent residence paying German tax from Jan. - July 2021.  I returned to the US 26th of July and started working from mid September in the US.  I have been to the local tax office here and nobody knows which files I need to submit.  Help!


  2. 52 minutes ago, Brockman said:


    It was done by the people working at the storefront testing center in Berlin (they were dressed like medical personnel, although, not sure if they were - in any case I did not do it by myself), and it was free (since quick antigen tests are available for free to residents of Berlin).


    4 hours ago, Nkwal said:

    You can order a self test from United for the flight from Europe to USA. But you have to be in USA for this. But then you do self test while in Europe and talk to doctor and then upload result. 

    I can also attest, a quick schnell test in a city center was enough to board flight from FRA-ORD today July 21. I took one yesterday in Worms (was nose), which is free and got results by pdf in 15 minutes. Note - pdf was password protected so this cannot be uploaded to United’s website. It was denied at first (had to export as new pdf and reupload). Annoying but life. 

    Also had a schnell test in Mainz that was antigen and spit into a cup. Wild, but got pdf in 15 min. This also would have worked for flight to USA. 

    You can also book a test at Frankfurt airport. It’s on site or they have an option with car next to airport. This is another idea but is pricey in my opinion. Also, I didn’t like the website. Antigen can be 48 hours before so I would just book in a city center in Germany day before. My test result was in German but was accepted by United. 

    If anyone has more qs, ping me. I travel a lot and always try to give up to date info. 


    10 hours ago, Santitas said:

    I was told by Lufthansa that it cannot be a self-test. 

    Thanks for the info!


  3. On 17/07/2021, 21:10:26, Brockman said:

    I arrived in the US on July 2nd and I confirm that the antigen schnelltest which I obtained at a Berlin storefront testing center was accepted for air travel by the gate agents at BER and not checked again upon arriving in the US (where it seems like COVID is completely over as the majority of people are not wearing masks indoors any more.

    Did you administer the test yourself or was it done by medical personnel?  I am flying out of Frankfurt on the 26th with my wife and three kids, as I am unfamiliar with Frankfurt does anyone have a suggestion as to where I can get the testing done.  I don't mind if it is not free and I have to pay for it.


  4. I am all for severe penalties for using a cellphone while operating a moving vehicle but I can understand the pressure that comes under when one is running on company time especially in this present digital age -- where everything is schnell schnell schnell.


    In the last company I was in we were given the contacts/clients details via a program that could only be accessed by our laptops all our previous files that were previously given to us in paper format is now only digital, which can only be accessed via internet on a laptop. 


    Our Werkkries is southernly from the Swiss border to the Austrian border, westerly next to Reutlingen and easterly to Ingolstadt above Munich.  Anyone here in Germany can attest to the absolute horrid coverage that exists here in Germany where you turn a bend in the road and are immediately cut off from your call.  The worst part is so many of the roadside "parking" have zero connectivity so you can't even inform your client as to if you will be punctual or not which was a requirement to call a half hour before arrival to inform the client as to your expected TOR.


    So because our company wants to save our trees but drill for oil instead I can no longer take a quick peek at a paper file (paper is Umweltunfreundlich) for a clients number at a traffic light but I now have to boot up a laptop and hope that it will connect and synchronize before the light turns green and the signal disappears once again.  And when you have over 3 clients per day and have been driving over 300km your brain says fuck it, pick up any phone even your private that has a signal and dial.


    Sometimes, I am not even late but I will still get a call from our main office asking me if I will be on time. It gets to you eventually, I am usually a chilled person, but it does get to you.



  5. 13 minutes ago, HH_Sailor said:


    Well apart from actually doing something known to be daft and dangerous !!

    Yeah, it's not something I usually do as normally i have the Freisprechanlage function running but on that day I was not using my normal company vehicle so my phone was not connected.  There was massive Roadwerk ahead with a traffic light so I turned the engine off and I called to tell the client I might be late, somewhere up in the surrounding hills was an officer with his binoculars taking everyone's license down, 200 meters down the road they pulled me over along with 15 other vehicles.  I told them I was at the light with the engine off and she told me she will write that in her report but I most probably will still be fined for it.


    But yes, I agree - it was wrong of me to operate a phone regardless. 


  6. 3 minutes ago, karin_brenig said:

    very simple:

    "eingestellt" means they won't take any further action in this matter - you're not being fined, nobody else is going to be fined either. 


    Case closed.

    Ok, well that's a relief. Thank you!


  7. 4 minutes ago, john g. said:

    Yeah, that's my feeling as well.. but I am not a native speaker of German😂

    But I AM a native speaker of English...erm, what is Idk?😂


    Idk = I don't know 😉


  8. Idk, I ran it through Google translate and got even more confused.


    My son believes it to mean discontinued or absolved.


    That would be great!


  9. Briefly, I was pulled over on the 19.05.21 by the police for using my phone whilst driving a company auto. Understandably, the police said I will be receiving a fine and a point off my license. The fine they said will be sent directly to me and not to the company. Another colleague of mine was also caught that day and received his fine via the post about 3 weeks ago.  The only thing I received in the post from them is the below link


    There was no fine included or any other information.  I will be leaving Germany permanently at the end of this month and I am trying to tie up all my loose ends here.  Am I legally required to contact the police and tell them to send me the fine, or can I just leave this as a lucky chance? I certainly don't want any serious repercussions or blow back, especially if in some way the police think that I am trying to evade a fine.  But if they haven't given me a fine then I haven't been fined, or?


    As usual they spelt my names incorrectly, could that be a factor here?


  10. 11 hours ago, capslock said:

    So how is your 10th grader doing in school here? S/he should be at least a junior when he gets back to school this fall. If the high school has had German exchange students, they should know what to do. If he was near the top of his class here, I would consider placing her/him as a senior. This is based on my experience (albeit in the 80s) when I spent a year in an American high school at 16 and after finishing 10th grade Gymnasium. I was placed as a junior but allowed to take advanced placement senior classes. I was in general junior English for a few weeks which was boring me to death so allowed to switch to senior AP English. I could have graduated after that year if I had chosen to take one semester of American history and of government, but I chose fun stuff like debate which we didn't have in Germany or theater. 


    They didn't ask for curriculae but maybe this was because the school was in a college town and they'd had plenty of international and exchange students. I think they want to know what topics were covered per subject. I wouldn't bother asking the schools but rather look here:,Lde/BP2016BW_ALLG_GYM 

    and maybe use deepl to translate  (also, feel free to PM me to look over the translation - as a native German speaker and near native English speaker who knows both systems I can probably spot errors). They would see e.g. that 10th grade means advanced algebra and trigonometry were covered and your kid is ready for AP calculus.


    edit: I should ask, is this a G8 (12 year) or G9 (13 year) gymnasium? In G8 (still the norm in BaWü), 10th grade math includes some calculus:

    httr r/p://,Lde/LS/BP2016BW/ALLG/GYM/M/IK/9-10/04


    I also noticed your other kids are a tad on the old side in the German system and will certainly be in the US. I would definitely place them in the same year they would be attending in Germany this fall. I don't think there will be issues. Having completed 8th grade Realschule, they will have covered Algebra I and Geometry I which was enough to graduate high school in Indiana when I was there :) With the German system emphasizing essay type written exams and presentations for oral grades, they will ace English and Social Sciences, I am sure of that. And they can potentially get credit for German. Being bilingual or multilingual with proper command of grammar in at least two  languages helps cognitive skills and will go a long way in any school.

    Ok, well that was extremely helpful. Thank you.


    My 10th grader has struggled during the school lockdown (Fernunterricht) this past year, but is considered medium high in comparison to his classmates. Gets 1 in English, 2 in history, social studies, religion etc, 3 in German and Mathematics. He is taking french and latin too. He came to Germany when he was 7 and we didn't speak German and so we repeated the 1st grade twice. His gymnasium is a G9, one of the few left in BaWu. How does that change his Lehrplan? 


    Translating all of this will be brutal, I think it would be easier to send the American School the links from the Gymnasium Lehrplan and the Realschule Lehrplan and let them use the automatic google page translate option on their browser. 


    From what I surmise from what you wrote is that in all topics besides American history and government my children will be on par or even ahead in some topics. My eldest intends to study law enforcement and criminal justice so I guess the above topics are vital for him.


    So, in the new school year in the US which classes will my kids be in?

    My 16 would be a Junior? Do you got an estimate for the rest? 


    And a big thank you to everyone else who gave useful input.



  11. So after living in Germany since 2010 we will be returning permanently to the US in July due to family reasons.  Even though our kids speak fluent German we are an English speaking household, and thankfully my kids get top marks in "Englisch" will should help them in this transition.


    My question has to do with placing the children in the correct school year coming from the German school system and switching into the US system.


    My children are;

    16 years old in Gymnasium --10th grade,

    14 years old in Gemeinschaftschule Realschule Level -- 8th grade,

    12 years old in Gemeinschaftschule Realschule Level -- 7th grade,

    and 8 years old in Grundschule 2nd grade. 


    In regards to the children switching schools I thought it would be pretty clear cut like my 10th grade son would be a Sophomore in Highschool, etc.  The two schools we have contacted that are in our area (Cedarville, OH) have given confusing information and also voiced their own confusion in knowing in which grade to place my children. For example, they cited that the children will not be on par with US history as they would have focused more on German and European history and would need to catch up on those topics. Is US history such a deal breaker? Also, mathematics are not on the same level, etc.


    They are unsure how to compare the 2 school systems and how to place the children in their corresponding grades.  They require that I send them the school curriculum ( what's the German for that) from the last 4 years for my 3 eldest, I assume the German schools are able to provide me with that, although it will be in German. They also want the students' school transcripts, all I have from the school is the children's Zeugnis (report card?).  Where do I find their school transcripts, would that be at the school? Do the German schools have that, if so what's the German word for it.


    Is there a website or an agency from the department of education in the US that already has guidelines for this?  Or is this up to the discretion of the schools and parents involved?


    If any of you parents or educators have had experience with this sort of thing and can point me in the right direction, your assistance would be most appreciated. 


  12. So a situation at my son's Gymnasium (Germany's equivalent to the UK Grammar school or in the US a type of prep school for Uni) happened during their required sports hour which happens to be swimming.

    A bit about my son, he is 16 years old, really soft spoken almost to the point of being a pushover. Not the type of kid to assert himself especially against a teacher.

    Anyways, my son is also not the best of athletes and was doing the breast stroke incorrectly, supposedly he wasn't moving his legs the correct way.  The swim teacher who is by the way wearing only a tight speedo tells another student to watch the rest of the swimmers and then jumps into the pool approaching B and asking if he can physically demonstrate to my son how to do the stroke.  Bruce is totally shocked/taken aback as it is not normal for the teacher to ever enter the pool unless it is an emergency and says yes to him. 

    The teacher then gets behind him and grabs him above the ankles and starts to push his legs in the motion required, B doesn't quite get it and is now in shock that the teacher is touching him, the swim teacher now stretches himself out in the water and tells B to get behind him and grab his legs to see how it is done.  B looks up at the rest of the class who were given a pass from Sports and are just observing and some of the kids were laughing, others had looks of pity, others were horrified as to what was happening. B is totally mortified now and feels boxed in not knowing what to do or say. The whole process is repeated once more. B finally tells the teacher that he thinks he understands now and that he can stop the demonstration. The teacher then turns to a female student and asks if he can also demonstrate on her, she tells him absolutely not! B then realizes he could have also said no. The kids later were talking about it and also teasing him saying you've just been molested by our swim instructor they also asked B why he ever consented in the first place. Most of the kids say the rule is that teacher is never to enter the water unless there is an emergency and certainly not be allowed to touch a student, I am still uncertain as to what the whole legal side is.

    B told me about what happened to him at evening dinner I was sadly preoccupied and didn't really pay attention to what he was telling me.  I brushed the poor kid off.  Mea culpa! The situation was only brought to mind to me a couple weeks later as one of the parents sent me an email where he said he talked to sports teacher and questioned him as to why he had entered the pool and for what reason he had. Also this same teacher gave the entire class two 6s which is a double falling grade because he feels the students in his own words "are conspiring against him". Obviously he is most unfit to be a teacher.

    I called the principal and in the course of our conversation she agreed with me that this was unwarranted and should not have happened.  I told her that I am also a American Football coach which is a real contact hands on sport and I have also coached the youth leagues where the first rule is never to touch or lay your hand on a student for any reason unless you are administrating first aid. If something needs demonstrating you use a student to demonstrate to another student.  Even kindergarten teachers are forbidden to hug the kids here in Germany.

    A couple days ago the principal called B into the office and asked him to relay the story to her again, B said he felt very awkward during the entire interview as she kept asking B why his Dad is so angry. He said she was constantly downplaying the situation. She said to B, "you don't seem very upset" B said he is very upset and extremely embarrassed by the whole situation and feels very uncomfortable around the sport teacher especially when swimming is on the curriculum.

    Today she writes me and says from a legal standpoint she feels I am overreacting and that the teacher has done nothing wrong. She also ended her email saying, she feels that B is also fine with the whole situation (not true) and that the Sports teacher will clear the air directly with B and that if I have anymore issues to work it out directly with the sports teacher.

    I promptly called my lawyer. He advised that I and my son write the school a letter that is required to go into the teacher's work file, stating the situation and saying what we feel is wrong and asking for the school to also acknowledge that in the future no teacher under any circumstance besides life or death touches my son. And that we expect the teacher to act professionally from here on out otherwise we reserve the right to take up legal proceedings for improper conduct and failing to protect a child from phycological and emotional harm.

    B comes home and says the teacher talked with him and was excusing himself from any wrong doing especially since B said "yes" to him (an abuse of power) and also saying he doesn't understand why I am so angry.

    I called the Elternbeirat (parent council) the guy was speechless and totally shocked that this happened. He agreed that I should write up a letter and said him and his wife will help proof it after I get it written in German.

    My problem is I have zilch experience writing anything coming close to legal and also formulating it afterwards in legal German.

    Any of you Toytowners willing to lend a dad a hand?

    Advice most welcomed.


  13. 19 hours ago, Straightpoop said:


    It is highly unlikely that you need recourse to an "amnesty program".  (These programs do not, strictly speaking, offer amnesty anyway.)


    You are - apparently - a mere garden-variety non-filer.


    A non-filer who (probably) would have had no US tax liability had you timely filed.


    There is no penalty for late filing if you owe no taxes because the penalty for late filing is computed as a percentage of the tax owed.  No tax owed.  No penalty. Same with late paying: nothing to pay, no penalty.


    So stop being a non-filer and simply become a late filer.  File your taxes for the last 3 to 5 years or whatever you need for your immigration application and then go and sin no more.


    BUT !!!!!!


    This advice takes what you have posted at its face value and that, in my experience, is often very dangerous especially when the person telling the story appears to be only rather loosely oriented to time and place (you "think" you've been working in Germany since 2012? Really?).  You would probably profit from a professional cross examination of your story and a detailed review of your actual - as opposed to remembered - tax and financial history.


    And furthermore . . .


    This tax advice has zero relevance to any possible information reporting obligations you may have similarly failed to meet over the years:  FBAR, Form 5471, Form 3520, Form 926, 8865, 8838, etc. etc.


    If you are/have been as poor as you claim none of these may apply to you but as I said earlier, we're taking your word for it.


    Hey thank you for the informative response, may contact you directly through pm for a more detailed conversation?


  14. Hi guys it has been awhile since last I posted here.  Hope you are all well.


    I have been here in Germany since 2010, working since 2012 (I think) and never once was really aware that I need to file for US taxes too. I thought Germany taxes and some treaty blah blah blah.


    I am a US citizen born in the US to US citizen parents although we left the states when I was very young returning only twice for a few months.


    Now I am in the process of trying to file for Greencards to bring my wife and 4 children back to the US they are all Germans without US citizenship as I don't meet the requirements to pass on citizenship. 


    When filling out the affidavit for support I noticed they require 3 years of Federal income tax returns.  My immigration lawyer initially told me a translated file from my work would be sufficient but now says I need to give my tax returns which I don't have.


    I went online and checked out American Overseas website and they highly recommend using one of their tax agents, my immigration lawyer also insists that we use a tax lawyer too but stateside.


    I am willing to file for my taxes and back taxes for the last few years, I barely make it over the US poverty line, but I realize I still need to file regardless.


    Am I able to just file for the last 3 years or am I obligated to go through with this amnesty program? If I file without a tax lawyer and use the amnesty program what are things I need to be aware of? Is anyone here a tax accountant or can recommend me someone they know and trust?




  15. An update:

    As it is not me who is sick but my stubborn father in law I have zero say in what he should or shouldn't do, nor does he ever listen to outside advice. He refused to pay for a taxi (or have a taxi paid for him) and instead had a friend come from Stuttgart to take him to a HA there.  We finally persuaded him to go to the doctor and get his blood checked, the end result was that he has malaria.  He came back angry that the doctor made him pay €30 for the blood test. I then lost my patience and told him he should be thankful that he wasn't charged €300 and next time he comes to Germany he better come with a health travel insurance. 

    Thanks for your advice folks, much appreciated. 



  16. 18 minutes ago, Lavender Rain said:


    If you consider your hausarzt as "very inept" as you say, since he's self-paying you may want to consider finding a more competent doctor to assess and treat his health condition. 

    Only one within walking distance as I will be at work and my wife does not drive.


    31 minutes ago, john g. said:

    You don´t know your´s age?

    Lol, John I tend to forget my own age at times...


    1 hour ago, PandaMunich said:

    Paying as a Selbstzahler isn't very expensive, for price examples, please see:


    And if it turns out to be something serious, as long as he was insured with German public health insurance before he emigrated, he can move back to Germany (= simply register his address at your house) and get back into public health insurance, which means that all his medical costs would be covered even for this pre-existing condition:


    Thanks Panda, I will let him know.


    1 hour ago, El Jeffo said:

    AFAIK you have to purchase travel insurance before you leave.


    Buying insurance against an event that has already occurred is a fallacy in any case.


    He should try seeing a doctor instead of going straight to hospital. You can call 116 117 to find out which practices nearby can see him. More about that.


    Best of luck and hope dad-in-law gets better soon.

    Thanks El Jeffo 


  17. 8 minutes ago, john g. said:

    How old is your father-in-law, crossman? If not really old...he can get something..but it won´t cover whatever is wrong with him right now..dems the rules...

    Not sure as to his age, I would guess mid 60s. What did you have in mind? My wife will take him to see our local and very inept Hausarzt tomorrow.


  18. Hi Toytowners, it's been awhile since my last log in.


    My nonresident German father in law is visiting us and has no German health insurance and has now been very sick for over a week and is being a typical Schwaben and stubbornly refusing to go to the hospital as he is worried he will incur massive bills. 


    His domicile is in Guinea West Africa where there is no health insurance according to him.  And last I was in Africa that was the case too.


    Is there a health insurance he can buy for his duration of stay in Germany, like an ADAC travel health insurance?