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  1. What are you cooking today?

      I thought the original names of the dishes in Kannada won't make much sense.    On top left is pumpkin saute'd with fresh coconut, coriander and cumin based spice mix, eventually mixed in yogurt. On top right is capsicum (we do not use the word bell peppers in India) fried with cashews and home made spice mix (my mom supplies these to me twice a year when I visit). In the middle row to the left is a dish called Rasam, which is pressure cooked lentils cooked with tomatoes and "rasam spice mix". In the middle row to the right is a tomato based dish which when loosely translated to English would be "cooked tomato warn pickle" or some such. It's basically tomatoes cooked with a fresh dry spice blend made of mustard and fenugreek seeds. Then of course, there's pressure cooked rice (the rice variety is called Sona Masuri, which is very common in the South)
  2. What are you cooking today?

    I love to cook Indian vegetarian food, especially South Indian. Mainly because it instantly transports me to my home in India, and my mom's cooking. Moreover, only one or two restaurants in town claim to serve South Indian fare, which IMO is just hogwash    I cooked few days worth because it is time consuming, and also because it is not so easy to cook small portions for one person/meal. 
  3. This week we will return to an old favourite, Ganesha in Rosenheimerstr. They also do real onion bhajis, but not quite as good as Maharani! Please sign up in the usual way, latest booking 17:30 Wednesday.   1. LisaJK 2. bettina 3. fraufruit 4. thefoodietraveler [my first post/meet:)]