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  1. Thanks! But my idea after finding a job (be it full-time or part-time) is to leave the freelance life forever. However, if I don't find something fast, is there some sort of security scheme in place for unemployed people who... never officially worked for an employer in Germany? Ugh, what a peculiar thing.    By the way, what if my monthly Minijob earnings are higher than 450.01€, but I'm still registered as a Minijobber? Does that change anything in terms of my contractor's obligations?
  2. Hey peeps,   I'm a strong believer in bullet points as a storytelling device in online forums, so here is a breakdown of my current situation:   1. I'm a Brazilian-German citizen who came to Germany one year ago. In Brazil, I was a freelance translator for a European company, and in Germany I kept doing the same as they provided me with steady work and a decent living wage. 2. Since I had never worked in Germany before, I was not eligible for public health insurance. So, with the help of the wonderful John G. from this forum (hi, John!), I signed up for the cheapest available private health insurance option at the time: HanseMerkur. 3. Cheapest available private health insurance option = 350 Euros/month. It was PAINFUL, but I made it work. Until now. 5. Said European company moved the translation operations to Brazil and gradually stopped sending me jobs. Right now, I am virtually unemployed, with no other meaningful source of income, while still having to pay for private insurance. In fact, they just took this month's premium as a direct debit from my account. Ouch. 6. Of course, I'm looking for a job, and relying on savings meanwhile. But they are running out FAST, and I'm not sure I will be able to afford my expenses next month. 7. I am... kind of desperate. I'm working a Minijob to keep things afloat, but of course it's not enough for rent + health insurance. I don't know what to do if I don't find a job within a month or so.   So... what are my options if I don't find a job soon? I can't sign up for public insurance, and it's not legal to just ditch the Krankenkasse. I'm looking into the possibility of changing my Minijob into a part-time contract because this would at least mean partial coverage of my insurance... but not even that is guaranteed. So what does a freelancer do when the tide changes and they suddenly find themselves moneyless? What if I simply cannot afford health insurance anymore? What are my options in the short-term?   This has been keeping me up at night... and the irony of it is I can't even afford to go to the doctor now for stress-related issues because of the goddamned annual deductible of 500 Euros.   Don't trust the freelance fallacy, kids. Find an unbefristeter Arbeitsvertrag.