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  1. Hi, people,   I'm writing on behalf of my current partner here in Germany. On top of his part-time job, he has been occasionally doing freelance work for the past 2 years in Germany, only for one client from Spain and for a very small added income (Trinkgeld amounts -- maybe 100 EUR a month).   I recently found he had been issuing invoices using his Tax ID, not his Steuernummer, and that he isn't even registered as a freelancer in Germany (and the company in question had never said anything about it, even though they're in the EU). I'm urging him to register as a freelancer asap and retroactively change his info on his invoices from the past 2 years, but that leaves us with another question: even though he probably doesn't owe any taxes due to his income being under 8k EUR a year, what are the fines for a late-filing case like this?
  2. Hey all,   I recently signed a contract with a landlord in Berlin. It's supposed to be a sublet contract for 1 room in a WG, but the contract says the following:   Anzahl der untervermieteten Räume: 3 (Zimmer Südausrichtung)   Die gesamte Wohnung besteht aus: 2x Zimmer(n), 1x Küche/Kochnische, 1x Bad - Dusche/WC   The contract also does not state anything in the way of it being a Wohngemeinschaft.   There are two possibilities here: either the Hauptmieter copied his own contract and forgot to change the details or he's actually renting 3 rooms for me for the price of one for some (shady?) reason. I would actually like to cancel this contract as I found a better option somewhere else and I currently do not have enough savings to pay for the required deposit anyway. If what the contract says doesn't match what was agreed upon initially (verbally and in writing), does this mean that it can be nullified? Can I ask him to rewrite it and then simply not sign it? Should I move in and kick out whoever is there because now I apparently own the apartment?   Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!