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  1. Vodafone exasperation post

    Vodafone in Germany are a total nightmare IMO...I'm surprised how they get away with their draconian contracts and attitude. Maybe some people read every tiny line of the contract when they sign up to their internet, but for a new person in the country or a non-German speaker it feels like they're intentionally trying to catch you out. I would never ever use them again!   In your case I would hit them hard with calls and letters of complaints, along the lines that you weren't made aware of this at the time of signing up, were out of the country at the time of renewing etc.etc....In the end they'll probably buckle, but it will take some work and extreme persistence. Good luck.    
  2. Apartment is priced at nearly double the legal price

    Yes I do really like the apartment. Moreover, I really don't want to face the searching and moving process was so painful. It is not a furnished apartment. The contract is a 'normal' open ended type - I had it checked at the time and it didn't appear to contain anything unusual or unexpected. As it is owned by a large company, I would really hope the 'eigenbedarf' should not be relevant, according to the link posted earlier by LeonG.   Thankyou all.
  3. Apartment is priced at nearly double the legal price

      Just to be clear, I have already invested in obtaining the official legal advice but was equally interested in the apparent underhand tactics of owners to get around the law and find a way to throw me out anyway.
  4. Apartment is priced at nearly double the legal price

    Yes. I'm new here and made a mistake. No time limit.
  5. Apartment is priced at nearly double the legal price

      Thankyou very much for this advice - exactly what I was looking for! It's the made-up complaints and 'close family' excuse that bother me the most. It's also clear from your answer that the law may not stop me from being thrown out, if that's what the owner decides he wants to do. My only additional comment would be that the owner is infact a large company, so I wonder whether that might stop them acting in such an underhand way (probably not!). I will think very carefully, and maybe do nothing about it. Thanks again.
  6. Apartment is priced at nearly double the legal price

    I haven't approached them yet - my lawyer has informed me about all the legalities of the situation. But I guess I'm more worried that the owner may find some underhand way to force me out, or somehow make it practically impossible to stay here...I've heard this can happen but I don't understand what it means in practise.   So, I'm more curious about anecdotal / practical opinions rather than legal advice. Apologies if I've therefore posted this in the wrong place.    
  7. Briefly, I approached a property lawyer when I became suspicious that my rent was too high (it's incredibly expensive) - I've been living here a year. After extensive research, he advises me I'm paying nearly double the correct legal figure.   Now it feels like I should challenge the owner via the lawyer to have this corrected but I'm happy in the place and don't want any risk being thrown out. What would you do in this situation? Any thoughts welcome.  
  8. Complete lockdown predictions - Berlin

    This was the London underground this morning
  9. Complete lockdown predictions - Berlin

    Yes I mean Berlin. I can only talk of personal experience locally and the attitude of friends - seemingly conscious and respectful about following the guidelines. In the UK 1000s headed to the beaches and markets at the weekend and none of my friends or family have changed anything, except working from home. Never mind, probably just me with this opinion.      
  10. Complete lockdown predictions - Berlin

    I'm surprised and impressed how seriously people are taking it around here, especially compared to the total shit-show going on in the UK.
  11. Moving back to UK during COVID-19 Crisis?!

    I personally really really wouldn't make any life-changing decisions like this right now..the UK in particular may look very different in a few months time.    
  12. As title, Can anyone predict if / when Berlin will enter into completely enforced 'lockdown' ?   Is it inevitable we will go the way of Italy, or can we foresee a different path for Berlin?