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  1. offered job, confused on process

    For those who are looking for an idea on approval timeline...   I first had to get registered (angemeldet) at the BuergerBuero. That process took longer than I thought it would, there were a whole list of residency issues I got conflicting info on - I was staying at a hotel looking for accommodations, some hotels wouldn't have qualified as being a wohnsitz (residence) for the Anmeldung. 2 weeks.   Then once I had registered my wohnsitz, I was able to set up an appointment at the Auslaenderbehoerde. That took another 3 weeks.   My appointment at the Auslaenderbehoerde was relatively quick. I was told it would take about 4 weeks to process the Visa application, and then to call them, and wait 2 more weeks, and it would be ready. So 6 weeks.   In all, this has taken almost 3 months, the frustrating part was that the German Consulate in LA had said it would only take a a week or two.   I got really lucky, in that my employer was fine waiting a little longer for the process, and when I applied, I got a stamped letter from the Auslaenderbehoerde stating I could start working. But in the end, I was able to do it - had I not had a US passport, I don't think it would have been this easy...   If this process sounded fun, let me tell you about trying to find a place to live without a SCHUFA or German pay stubs.    
  2. OK, I searched for a bit, but couldn't find anything recent with my situation. Apologies if a double post...   I am an American, working in Landshut for a German Company as a full time, regular employee, w/ an unlimited contract. I have a Blue Card in process.   A former business partner of mine has asked me to be a (small) shareholder in an LLC he is forming in the US. This is a business that will only be working in the Pacific Northwest, no work in Germany.    I have a few questions - it seems the most recent tax implications for a US LLC are... unclear? If the US LLC income is well below the DTT threshold, how does it get recorded in Germany? What are the tax implications? Is it a bigger headache than it is worth?   My total salary here in Germany falls below the double taxation treaty, and I imagine any income derived from the LLC will still keep me below that threshold.   Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.   Thanks!  
  3. I've been offered a position with a firm in Niederbayern, starting in 3 months.  I believe I'm eligible for the EU Blue Card given salary and experience - my gross monthly salary will be above the limits, I have a degree from a foreign university that is recognized in Germany (H+ for the university itself, my degree is unlisted), and I'm in a shortage occupation.   I am thinking the EU Blue Card so that my wife and kids, who will be coming a few months after, will be covered, wife will be eligible to work, etc.   However, the process is still unclear to me. Can I apply for the card at the ABH when I arrive in Germany, or do I need to make an appointment with a consulate here in the US first (there isn't one in my city, so I'd have to fly to one)? If it takes a few weeks, then I would be ineligible for working immediately, is that correct?   Just looking for clarification on the process, which wasn't readily sticking out to me in the forum archives. Apologies if it's a repeat.    Thanks,