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  1. Tax for double employment

    ok. All clear now. Thanks for helping out here. :) 
  2. Tax for double employment

    Didn't quite understand this part. It does matter, right? I would like to select tax class 6 for a lower salary one so as to lose less money. Or you are saying at the end of year, they average out the earnings and tax you differently?   Really appreciate your help. Thanks
  3. Tax for double employment

    Thanks for the response. If both are ok, Is there any rule on how much tax I need to pay, and can I choose which salary to be taxed that %?
  4. Tax for double employment

    Hello,   I'm currently working in Berlin for the last 2 years. My current company is closing it Berlin operations by 30th June 2021. They have already sent us the termination letter and have agreed to pay us the salary till 30th June 2021.    I have to work mostly for April to transition the knowledge to folks in another country. And then in May and June, I'll be on garden leave (i.e. I will get a salary but I need not need to work). My question is: if I find a new and start a new full-time job before June, how much tax I would be paying? Does anyone have any idea as technically I'm getting two salaries for certain months? My company has already agreed that even if I find a new job they will continue paying me the salary till 30 June 2021 but they will only not pay the employer contribution to the govt.   Salary for example: current: 60K/year new one: 65K/year so for May/June (if I found a job) i will get double salary of [60K/12 + 65K/12]   Personal info: Married, in tax class 3, public insurance     Has anyone has an idea? please share. Let me know if you need any more details. 
  5. Hello, I'm an Indian currently in Berlin for 2+ years with a valid EU blue card. My wife has a valid residence permit. Currently, she is a homemaker and does not earn anything and I'm in tax class 3 while my wife is in tax class 5. She is currently in talks with a US-based company that will give her a minimum of 30 hours/week based contract in the software IT field for 15$/hour. I'm trying to understand if she is allowed to work in a non-German-based company on her current spouse residence permit? Or she have to get a freelance visa or register as a freelance here?  Or she just to inform the finanzamt? Since the company won't deduct any taxes, she would need to sort anything out related to bureaucracy. The company is also fine in paying her directly to my Indian account and she working from Germany. Can she use this to NOT register here as a freelance somehow and then at the end of the year pay the taxes here in Germany as her extra Indian income and not get into the circus of health insurance? Also how she needs to take care of Health insurance? Currently, she is insured on my TK family public insurance. Please help us asap.