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  1. Thank you, that give me  direction. I shall take courage to talk to TK people now. Thank you.
  2. Thanks for clarifying on my behalf; Yes, I definitely want to keep paying for insurance. I just don't want to switch to private insurance. But I would want to know if there are freelancers who can request some exemption from paying into  pension payment (renten versicherung). I read on internet that this paying into renten versicherung is not must for freelancers, but I am not sure if this applies when I go for statuary insurance.
  3. Dear Community,   I have been employed in Germany for last 4.5 years and start enternzeit in some months. I have been contributing to social security all this time with TKK as my insurance provider.   After elterzeit, I plan to start working as freelancer and plan to apply for steuernummer during elterzeit. My questions are -    1. Is there going to be any issue to receive freelance visa. I have not yet got niederlassungserlaubnis. What kind of documents, I need to present. 2. Is there an issue to apply steuernummer during elternzeit. Can I even do now when I am working ? 3. I want to continue being enrolled by TKK, but I would like to avoid paying into social security contribution for atleast 2 years. I have to yet create a client portfolio and may not have enough income in the initial years.   Thank you.
  4. Kindergeld when in elternzeit

    Thank you for clarifying the kindergeld topic. I hope I could get more expert opinion on my second question.
  5. Dear Community,   I have some questions regarding elternzeit. I am working for a local company here in Germany. My wife is currently not working. We expect our second baby this year.   I would like to take some elternzeit after the delivery. I have been reading into rules around that. Because I am the only one earning in the house, I have to budget the expenses during my elternzeit. I read that one gets kindergeld only when one is paying taxes (So students, or unemployed don't get kindergeld). Because in my elternzeit, I don't pay any taxes, will we get kindergeld for my first child. or eltengeld is the only money, I shall receive.   Also, I would like to ask another question for Elterngeld. How does application of Elterngeld affect my candidacy for requesting refund of my social security payment. I don't plan to stay more than 5 years in Germany and at the end of my stay, I would like to request refund of my social security part. I know, in general, this is possible; but if I stay some months in Elternzeit and receive elterngeld, does it later affect my eligibility or the amount which I get refunded from my social security payment.    I have this as my base of understanding for refund - https://www.deutsche-rentenversicherung.de/Allgemein/en/Navigation/03_leistungen/03_beitragserstattung/beitragserstattung_node.html   Thank you for clarifying.