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  1. Brexit: The fallout

    I have to subscribe to the FT to read this? Isn't there an infinite amount of free information on the internet?
  2. Worst jokes ever

    Timeless, no. Vintage, yes.
  3. Worst jokes ever

    Before that, or maybe at the same time, it was Michael Miles. 'Take your Pick'. Take the money or open the box!!
  4. Worst jokes ever

    Archibald. Probably runs in the family.
  5. Are people with tattoos stupid?

    Bye. I'll get my coat.
  6. Are people with tattoos stupid?

    Is this possible in the world we live in, Fraufruit? I think everyone can give an opinion on this forum. Tattooing, as far as I am concerned, is a sickness which should be stamped out before all our children become infected.
  7. Are people with tattoos stupid?

    Any idiot who gets a tattoo should be shot. End of discussion.
  8. Maybot vs. Queen's English

    What bollocks.
  9. Of course you can change appointments. I had a message today from them and replied that I won't be here in Germany then, Holiday is booked and we are going.
  10. Maybot vs. Queen's English

    Exactly. Sorry, but I can't resist telling you this joke here.   A freshman arrived at Harvard and wanted to find the library. He saw a gowned professor walking along and asked him: "Excuse me, where's the library at?" "Young man, this is Harvard, and at Harvard, we never end our sentences with prepositions". The young man thought for a moment and rephrased his question.   "Excuse me, where is the library at asshole?"  
  11. " Here's looking at you kid".  - Humphrey Bogart What did he mean? Anyone know?
  12. Maybot vs. Queen's English

    What's wrong with that? When you don't specify exacly 'when', this is correct.   "Where is BREXIT at?" You could also say, "Where are we with BREXIT?"or "What is the current status of BREXIT?" But not really wrong what she said like.
  13. People are people, whether they're on bikes, in cars, or just walking around. I have posted before about people walking in the streets, seemingly unconcerned that other people are using the same pavements (sidewalks for you Americans). This mentality doesn't change. ME first, and fuck you jack.
  14. What I meant was; if you are married, you don't need to become a German citizen. You can stay happily as you are.
  15. Surely, if you are allowed to marry a German citizen, you don't need to pass any Einbürgerung test.
  16. Just to clarify the meaning of 'fatboys': BTW I'm still in the dark about what she means by 'occupied by 30-somethings'. Any translations?
  17. Unannounced visit from debt collection bailiff

    Me too. Nastiness sometimes has a place, but not in this situation,
  18. Dogs travelling in the cabin with you must stay in a bag and may not weigh more than 8 kg altogether. This means that you have to starve your pet for at least a month before it is thin enough to qualify. We have a Boston terrier, one of the smaller kind of races, and he weighs 9.6 kilos. No chance for us.
  19. Fraufruit. You're in danger of wearing your heart on your sleeve. Don't give the bastards this satisfaction!
  20. I'd take a walk down to the local Post Office. The people there like a break from the usual routine.
  21. Fun place for friends and coworkers.

    Use your own initiative.
  22. Damage claim by Sixt

    Thanks for posting this. I don't know the answer but will never rent anything from Sixt in the future based on your experience.
  23. What made you laugh today?

    Can we get back to the laughing stuff please?
  24. Thank you very much, I am so grateful.
  25. Can anyone play? Or is this a private tet a tet, sorta?