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  1. British Citizens Rights No Deal Brexit

    You mean like Norway and Switzerland?
  2. Pointless plastics..

    Somehow it seems to be cool not to put litter in the waste bins. The kids do it here too in Pankow and my dog loves sniffing around the discarded packaging, especially the doners! The point here is though, it isn't the stuff dropped on the streets here in Germany that finds itself into the wordld's oceans, but the recyclable waste tjhat countries such as Germany export to poorer countries for disposal. They get money for this and then dump it into the nearest water. (Have I made this point before?)
  3. Expat Burnout

    Why don't you all get together in this village and have a few beers or whatever to get all this sorted out? In the meantime, I would suggest to the moderators that they open a new thread. Any suggestions for a title? Mine would be rather rude, I'm afraid.
  4. Moving to Hawaii, engaging moving companies

    You'll probably find thousands of people on this site who are moving to Hawaii in January. Just keep your fingers crossed that they all read posts onToytown!!
  5. Hi, am calling from Microsoft. Your PC is infected

    Yes. Really? Is he? He must know where all the rich idiots live then!
  6. Hi, am calling from Microsoft. Your PC is infected

    The guy's name is Mario. I gave a warning warning about him a few years ago, when he was operating around Tiergarten in Berlin. He tries to sell sub-quality clothing in exchange for money to 'buy petrol to get him home'. At the time I saw him, he had a nice Audii. Seems like he's doing quite well as he's still doing it and finding mugs along the way.
  7. No more I hope! Parabens e boa sorte!
  8. Pointless plastics..

    So Krieg, where do you think all the plastic in the oceans comes from? Europe, North America, including Canada, exports its waste to Malaysia, for example. There was a news story recently about Canada exporting its "recyclable" baby nappies to the Phillippines. Many countries are paid for taking waste. What happens to it is not of interest to the exporting countries. This is a disgrace and should be stopped under International law, if there is such a thing. NIMBY does not apply here!
  9. UK Election night watching?

    Can we vote? When I tried to vote in the Brexit referendum, I was told I couldn't as I had been away from the UK for too long.
  10. How to stay friends with a friend

    OK, here's one. I have found that Germans don't want or need friends. They don't like people. The only people they regularly mix with are family members and sexual partners, and they don't always like them either. As soon as you cease to be useful to them, you're out of their lives.
  11. Stop! Cunha, you sound like a good person. This is not the end of the world. Just relax, pay the fine when it comes, and then put all this behind you and get on with your life. We all live and learn. Nobody is perfect.
  12. Cat safety net for balconies
  13. What made you laugh today?

    Would girls do this, I wonder?
  14. Pesar, it isn't clear whether you have black hair, or if you have black hairs growing from somwhere unusual perhaps? I can't imagine why somebody would be rejected because of their hair colour. Aren't these clubs targetting 20 somethings? Do you fit into this category?  
  15. Disturbing right-wing activities on the rise?

    The sad fact is that the police will do nothing until something happens. Until someone breaks the law, they are powerless.