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  1. True and funny stories

    I used to work for a British bank which was very strongly represented in South America. While I was in Brazil, one of the bank inspectors told me a story of a surprise visit he and his team had made to an outlying branch in Tierra del Fuego.   The team arrived unannounced of course and walked into the bank at 11 o'clock in the morning. They were surprised to find no staff in evidence. No cashier, no accountant, no manager, nobody.   One of them vaulted over the counter, found the alarm button and pressed it. The clanging could be heard across the street.   2 minutes later, a waiter from the hotel opposite arrived with 3 gin and tonics and an ice bucket on a tray; wished the inspectors a nice day, then walked through to the vault at the back. The team followed him and found the manager, the accountant and the cashier playing cards.   The Latin America director in London was not amused.   Another story from Brazil: The branch accountant was horified to find 2 employees having sex on the table in the archives. He sent a report to London to ask what he should do about it. The answer came back from Head Office;   "Remove the table".    
  2. What made you laugh today?

    This should read "He has had more time to train". (He isn't dead yet! (British English).
  3. Dog on the leash or not?

    and common sense flies out the window again, catjones.
  4. Jokes

    Could you please change your picture? Donald would be preferable.  
  5. Dog on the leash or not?

    I fully agree. Birds fly, fish swim and dogs run. If they can't do this, they might as well be dead.
  6. Dog on the leash or not?

    Sounds like the pot calling the kettle black Do you even have a dog? I hope not, for its sake.  
  7. Dog on the leash or not?

    I think this is a ridiculous comment. Dogs love to run free when they can. You are clearly not a dog lover.
  8. Dog on the leash or not?

    It depends on the dog. If it runs around annoying people, then yes, I agree.
  9. Dog on the leash or not?

    Everywhere I go in Berlin, I see signs which prohibit cycling, playing football, dogs etc and people ignore them. Once in a while, we have visits from the Ordnungsamt officers, who stop people cycling through our local park for a few hours. Of course, as soon as they're gone, things go back to normal. The last time they came here was 5 years ago. Even the local school teachers bring their pupils to play in the park with balls and things, even though it's not allowed, according to the signs. My advice: if you have a well behaved dog, is not to be worried about the 'rules'. The only time you could get in trouble would be if something happened, caused by your dog and the incident was reported to the police. The only time my dog has been attacked and bitten, by the way. was in one of these 'dog only' areas where owners seem to think their dogs can run around and make havoc without any controls.
  10. Surrogacy law in Germany

    This is a very personal subject. I agree with the adoption option. You are in an ideal position to give an unwanted or orphaned baby a good life.
  11. Smoking in public places

    What about exhaust from traffic, petrol and diesel?  Can you cross the street then?
  12. What made you laugh today?

    Some of this stuff is really funny, but how do you stop it? How long does it go on for?
  13. Jokes

    Heard this on the radio today in German.   A husband burst into his bedroom and finds a strange man in bed with his wife. He screams " You have slept with my wife? For that you will pay!!"   The man looks at him and says, " I'm not stupid. I'm not going to pay twice?"    
  14. Lufthansa Strike

    When people like you, who take regular flights are multiplied by millions, yes it can.