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  1. International Waste Dumping

    Of course this should read 'who are paid to take it'. Thanks Fraufruit!  
  2. Hi all TTers,   I can't find a specific thread on this topic so want to start one. On the news recently, I heard a report that the Phillippines has decided to send back a shipment of 'recyclable' waste to Canada as it was found to consist of dirty used nappies (diapers) and other horrible stuff. This really made my blood boil. If a country as big as Canada is doing this, the mind boggles how many other countries in the first world are exporting their waste to  other places, presumably paying them to take it and then turning a blind eye when it all ends up in the sea.   If countries don't want to take care of their own waste, they should be forced to do so. Only governments can put regulations in place to stop this. As a resident of Berlin, I am duty bound to separate my rubbish into different bins and if all this is then exported to countries who pay to take it, such as the above, Bangladesh, Malaysia etc, this is the height of irresponsibility and should be banned. Canada is the second largest country in the world and can't handle its own waste? Stupid.   The world's oceans are constantly moving and what goes around comes around. The old saying 'we don't shit on our own doorstep' doesn't apply.   I hope that this kind of commentary on the internet might receive a wider audience than carrying a protest banner on the street. In the past, I have voted conservative, but am now seriously considering turning Green. There should be more important things in life than saving money and trying to do things on the cheap.
  3. What made you cry today?

    The greatest pain I have ever felt in my life was when my dog was put to sleep. I was 15, We grew up together and she had inoperable cancer. I never had this feeling when my parents died, strangely enough. Animals are different as they have relatively short lives and maybe we feel guilty about that. I've had several dogs and cats since then and have made it a point in my emotions to celebrate their lives, not so much to mourn their deaths. This has helped me to come to terms with it.
  4. You should be a politician then.
  5. Brexit: The fallout

    Good Lord. How stupid can one be? Europe is a wonderful continent. Full of diversity. The EU is not.
  6. 'female, male and neutral, you can still hear it from time to time, best example the lord´s Prayer... "Thy will be done.. yadda, yadda!" ' 'Thy' means your. Gender neutral. Lord and Lady perhaps-  
  7. Just say " I sincerely/profoundly apologise for what I did/said and promise that this will never happen again". So are you going to tell us what happened?
  8. Brexit: The fallout

    I have to subscribe to the FT to read this? Isn't there an infinite amount of free information on the internet?
  9. Worst jokes ever

    Timeless, no. Vintage, yes.
  10. Worst jokes ever

    Before that, or maybe at the same time, it was Michael Miles. 'Take your Pick'. Take the money or open the box!!
  11. Worst jokes ever

    Archibald. Probably runs in the family.
  12. Are people with tattoos stupid?

    Bye. I'll get my coat.
  13. Are people with tattoos stupid?

    Is this possible in the world we live in, Fraufruit? I think everyone can give an opinion on this forum. Tattooing, as far as I am concerned, is a sickness which should be stamped out before all our children become infected.
  14. Are people with tattoos stupid?

    Any idiot who gets a tattoo should be shot. End of discussion.
  15. Maybot vs. Queen's English

    What bollocks.