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  1. Where to buy a haggis in Munich

    Thanks, but they are out of stock. Like all the others!
  2. Where to buy a haggis in Munich

    Hi all! I'm trying to find tinned haggis  online but have hit a blank wall. We can buy tinned meat products from the UK, like steak and kidney pies, so why not haggis from Scotland?   Any tips please?
  3. What made you laugh today?

    My father was Scottish so I can relate to this-  
  4. How to get rid of plastic electric appliances

    I took some bags full of plastic stuff to our local BSR. The man told me to dump it all in the Speermuhl bin. So much for recycing!
  5. What made you laugh today?

    He should be banned from any kind of goverment post.
  6. What made you laugh today?

    Rgis is Not a joke. Try it!  
  7. I would love to send you a photo of Chips, but I don't know how to on this site. It always says the photo is too large. Yes Bramble, he's been neutered, or so they say in Rumania.
  8. I would like to say thank you so much to those who responded with so much support and such good advice. I was really quite tempted to have a holiday in Crete and to bring a dog back from there, but we don't feel in the holiday mood at the moment,   In the meantime, we found a lady here in Pankow who takes rescue dogs from Rumania as a foster mother, so to speak. Today we bought a dog from her for 400€, which looks like a bargain. His name is Chips, he has a pet passport, all the necessary vaccinations etc and is very friendly and gentlle.. It's his first day with us and so far, so good,   Thanks again!
  9. Thanks Branble. We have contacted several rescue organizations. We have also been warned that many of these are not serious and are just after people's money. Surprise!   We are not rushing into anything until we have had a chance to see the dog in person.
  10. Hi all, Ive been looking for a thread to post this and maybe this fits.   We are looking for a dog. Our Boston Terrier Harry died of heart disease a few weeks ago and has left a gaping hole in our lives. We really loved him.   We thought it would be best to find a new dog from the ones at the animal shelter here in Berlin, (Tierhem Berlin) and went there today in person. We thought we would have a chance to see the dogs that are there and maybe come to a decision on which one we would like to have. Harry was with us for 10 years and he had a good home with us. We did everything together.   There were 2 ladies at reception who told us that we couldn't see any of the dogs without an appointment. We were given a card with some phone numbers of 3 buildings where the dogs were kept. we had to phone them all and had absolutely no success. All the people were quite negative and showed no interest in helping us at all..   Can anyone here tell me how this can be? Surely the existance of these animal shelters is to help find good homes for the animals.    
  11. A really painful experience at the dentist!

    When I first arrived to live in New York, I found a dentist and had a routine check up. He took xrays and told me I had 4 impacted wisdom teeth. He said he could take 2 out that day, but the other 2 I would need to go to a clinic and have surgery. I declined both optioms as I had no problems. 50 years later, I still have all 4.