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  1. Vegan coming for dinner

    My dog eats carrots.
  2. Vegan coming for dinner

    How ghastly. Better not to be born.
  3. Vegan coming for dinner

    Maybe the consumers are not wholly to blame. The supermarkets are full to bursting with food. Whether it be meat, poultry, fruit, vegetables, whatever. They can't possibly ever sell all the stuff they have. So they throw it away. Great! Please stop with the insect food.  What next?
  4. Translation software for freelancers

    Maybe you should tell us what you need to translate? Some are better for some applications than others.
  5. Vegan coming for dinner

    The real problem is population growth. I'm with Harry and Meghan here. 2 kids should be enough for anybody..
  6. Atm charge

    That was the whole point of the post, Sir Percy.
  7. So, HEM and TAP, are they worth the paper they are printed on after Brexit? I trust mine is. If not, I'll be in real trouble.
  8. Atm charge

    On the same subject, I used my Germany EC debit card in a cash machine outside a supermarket in England last year. The screen asked if I would like to pay in Euros and I pressed Yes. It gave me a horrible exchange rate and I lost 20 pounds for no reason. Tip? ALWAYS say NO. Then the transaction comes to your bank here and they can decide the rate.
  9. I'm afraid I'm really confused now. You are a British national, right? Why did you need this when the UK was in the EU?
  10. Do you know what ' unbefristet ' means?
  11. Maybe a half-arsed reply? BTW Chris, I still don't feel sorry for myself.
  12. Correct. 10 out of 10 Chris! Anne k? Why would a EU citizen need a residence permit?
  13. A colleage of mine went back to the States on vacation after living a few years in Germany. She called on her sister and saw her niece at the house who had grown up in the meantime. She looked at her and said, " Wow! You are SO GROSS!!" The poor girl ran away and wasn't seen again for the rest of her stay.
  14. treatment of dogs in boarding kennels

    You can't 'arf speak a load of rubbish mate!