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  1. Hi all,   Do you know how long approximately is the internal processing upon submission of documents to the Ausländerbehörde and the Bundesagentur fuer Arbeit?    I had an appointment earlier of January for work permit at the Ausländerbehörde and the guy said he will immediately forward my documents to the Bundesagentur fuer Arbeit for a review. (Zustimmung von BA)   I have MA degree in Germany so a Vorangprufung is not needed, is this correct? It has been more than 14 work days, and I have not heard from both authorities.   Did you have the same experience? How long was the waiting?   Thanks!
  2. Losing Job as a non-EU National

    Thank you for all the information! So much to take in but very helpful.  Regarding below, I know, I should have just applied for the job seeking visa, but because when I inquired to the ABH in Berlin, and I asked them what visa to apply for, since I already have a job offer and contract, and just waiting for my diploma, the most logical thing to do was to apply for a work permit. Too late now, but it was a poor decision on my part. I should have just stayed in the job seeking visa.     I'll check the links you sent and I will get back once I have heard from the ABH or BfA.  The waiting is excruciating. :(    
  3. Losing Job as a non-EU National

    @2B_orNot2BHello all,    I am in the exact situation. I finished my MA degree, found a job in a start-up/SME right after, applied for work visa, and got fired before the probezeit. I immediately informed the ABH about what happened and they said I send a new contract once I found a new job. I luckily found a job in a start-up and I started working immediately. After 1.5 weeks with the new job, I sent a scanned copy of ky contract as instructed by the ABH.  The AbH lady told me I wasn't allowed to work (Strafanzeige) etc. I was unaware that I was not allowed to work. Also because the salary did not reach the expected amount bracket for foreign students with Germab degree. I did not know how much was expected and I am not applying for Blue Card. My company changed the contract, and provided the necessary documents. I went to the ABH submitted all documents, and when they called me in, the officer said they couldn't decide and needed to fax my documents to the Federal Employment Agency, and besides they were not sure if the job is "studienadequet".  And this is where I am worried- any experience with the Federal Employment Agency? Also, I couldn't find any information on the minimum salary bracket.    Any information is appreciated.