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  1. Hello,  It looks like with Covid we will be here for the Holidays.  I am looking for recommendation for ski accommodations within a driving distance fm Munchen 1- 5 hrs.  ( There are 100+ on Trip adviser) Retired in Munich just in time for NO Snow Last year and looking to have some easy days on the slopes with nice lodge/fireplace after.  25 yrs on the slopes so the hill is not that important other than not packed with ( Tourists or beginners) sorry been there and have the tee shirt.  Thanks 
  2. English speaking Notary in Nymphenburg

    Thanks , it's a trust. the consulate is closed until September and then wants $50.00 per seal.  I just need a  confirmation of signature with a witness on 5 + documents. So in need the Identity conformation it look like. maybe I just stay healthy until September :-)   
  3. Looking for someone close to notarize legal documents.  Several are listed on Google, but very low ratings . Does anyone have any current experience ?  THX