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  1. Dentist recommendation in Munich?

    I have used Dr Isabel several times and would recommend her, She is not inexpensive, but then again what's the cost of bad teeth ?
  2. I am currently researching this as well As I am from a state that does not offer full reciprocity. I am baffled as to why someone fm Texas/Oklahoma/Etc can come over and exchange their license directly for a German one and if you are from another state you have to either take the Theory test or both the Theory and Practical.  Where you are from in the USA does not determine your driving ability. It has to be a Tax agreement of some kind $$$$$, Follow the Money as always.   More to the question, the Farschules are all in agreement on the price, especially if you need and english speaking one.  All they do is have you sign up for the app and then schedule the Test for you.  Not a lot of value add.   As to Luke's comment, Dosen't your declared Residence on your Permit determine what test you have to take ?
  3. The Radlbauer is OK, but don't go on a Sat if at all possible. Staff is generally overwhelmed.
  4. English-speaking ophthalmologist in Munich

    Any new updates on an english speaking ophthalmologist ?  I need a new Contact lens prescription   thanks
  5. English-speaking doctors in Munich

    This seems to be an Older thread but I'll add to it as I am making progress in finding doctors in 2019 to rely on that may be helpful for new residents.  I am open to other suggestions , these are just service providers I have found that worked out :-)   Dermotology - Dr Tatiana Von Bayern - dermotologie - Schlosspalais.de  Speak's decent english and the Practices is first notch.  I went for a Skin cancer issue and they were very thorough and took care of the issue in the office. Very modern Technology.   Chiropractor - The Chiropraktik Lounge 089 89 66 44 99  - If you are a beliver it is a good place, Dr Osborn is Licensed and knows his stuff.  Drop in's available after first appt    Dentist - Isabel Selmair - Modern offices - Laura the Hygienist is very good as is Dr Selmair- Good english - I went in for a Broken Crown and then followed up with wife and children for Regular check up and cleaning.  Good service no Pressure   Also visited the the Emergency room ( with out of country friend with no USA insurance) at Rotkreuplatz, Nymphenbburgerstrasse 163 mvz-am-rotkreuzplatz.de they were quick and efficient ( minor issue, 100 Euro) check up and pharmacy costs   Just an FYI  
  6. Hi, are you still looking for hiking backpacks? I may have a Deuter backpack we can part with - relatively good size, used for a backpacking trip. What's your budget?



  7. May Day events - Munich

    Thanks - GEN ! It was an interesting day - We went to the Marienplatz but there was a political rally ( interesting in itself) but there was nothing in the Viktrolmkt 50% closed, and they turned off the Glockenspiel for the 12;00 pm show :-( ,many shops ( even the tourist ones, were closed) 
  8. May Day events - Munich

    We have friends in from the USA.  Can someone suggest fun, local may day events ? THX
  9. Looking for a recommendation for an english speaking dentist. Not an emergency but a chip that needs repair. I see Dr Isabel Selmar recommended. Any experience with her or other recommendations ?  
  10. Any options out there ?
  11. I was thinking 50L or 60L - 2 of them are traveling for a month :-)  
  12. Hello, Summer is approaching and I have visitors fm the states headed to Munich and am in the need of 1 - 3 used backpack. Shout out if you have some collecting dust you would like to part ways with !
  13. I, too, am in the midst of this as Germany does not accept Nevada or CA drivers license for easy conversion.  My Driving school , the KVR and ADCA all assure me that it is OK to drive with the Document that the KVR representative gives you when they take your license.   In my best translation ( google) it say's as much as well.  But I printed a copy of my USA DL and Passport to keep in the car as well.