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  1. Thank you! I'll try to reach out to them!
  2. Hey everyone,   I'm moving to a new apart in early March and need to try and do some adjustments on my kitchen. Not a full redesign, but evaluate if a small washing machine can be installed in place of a built in mini fridge. There will probably be no washing machines connection, so I'd need someone who'd also take care of that. I know MediaMarkt and Saturn would do the installation, but not the required plumbing changes. Plus I'd need to make sure what I intend to do is even possible.   Does anyone know of a company that does this type of service? (English speaking would just be perfect).   Thanks
  3. Hey guys,   So, my bill for TV and radio never arrived. Moved to Munich in October 2017, lived in a shared flat from that date until start of February 2018. From that place I can no longer get said code. But from February 2018 until now I live in another apartment for which I have the code. How exactly should I proceed to sign my self up and regulate the situation? I can accept to pay the fee for my first 4 months in Germany, but afterwards it's already paid by my flatmates.   Thanks
  4.   Thanks very much! Actually I can change the bank account online. I guess I'll do that online around the time I intend to have the contract switch and just use the SEPA mandate they send to send together with this letter.
  5. Hello everyone,   Currently I will have to transfer my internet contract to one of my flat mates as I will possibly move out. My current service provider is PYUR and I know it is a possibility as long as the letter requesting is an informal contract signed by both parties (old contract holder and new one):   "Eine Vertragsübernahme muss bei uns in schriftlicher, formloser Form vorliegen. Auf dem Schreiben müssen der aktuelle und der zukünftige Vertragsinhaber unterschrieben haben. Vom zukünftigen Vertragsinhaber benötigen wir dabei den vollständigen Namen, das Geburtsdatum, die Kontaktdaten (Anschrift, Telefonnummer, E-Mail-Adresse) sowie ein neues SEPA-Mandat. Grundvoraussetzung für eine Übernahme ist, dass keine offenen Forderungen mehr bestehen."   I currently have the letter structure pretty much done:   X Y  Address   Vertrag auf einen anderen Vertragsinhaber umschreiben lassen zum Vertrag Nr. 1111111 Sehr geehrter Damen und Herren, I, X Y Z, would like to change the contract number 1111111, signed on 10.01.2018 to the following person, ab 1. April:   Name: Vorname: Addresse:  Geburtsdatum: Telephone nummer: E-Mail:   Die neue Bankverbindung lautet: Bank: ________________________________ Kontonummer: _________________________ Bankleitzahl: ___________________________   I request a new SEPA mandate with the above information, to complete the contract change. Bitte bestätigen Sie mir den Eingang dieses Schreibens kurz schriftlich,   Mit freundlichen Grüßen, 01.02.2019, Ort Old contract holder signature         01.02.2019, Ort New contract holder signature       -------------- Would someone be able to help me with the final English - German translations? Also, do you think something is missing? And it falls under their responsibility to send the new SEPA authorization slip to sign, correct?   Thanks