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  1. I decided to invest to ETF via Commerz Bank, although the interface from their online banking doesn't look intuitively. I will put everything I have in my bank account to ETFs (2 or 3 ETF codes which cover worldwide indices) and any next salary months to buy as well for the next few years. Worst case scenario is I will lose hard earned money like 40% and best case is I will earn some good money (after tax) like 20%.
  2. Hello,   I work in Germany for a few years (and I don't speak German - sorry) and save 10 thousands of Euros in my Comerzbank's account.  Recently, I got contacted by the bank employee to invest the whole money to their mutual fund with low-risk tolerant plant for the next 3 years. The problem is the money is kept in the bank for nothing as I don't get any interest.   I tried to read the proposal and researched about mutual fund and it shows that it cost a lot of money for the first load (like a few percents of total investment) and the cost of maintaining yearly by the fund's manager. In total, I'm not sure it is worth it to invest in the mutual fund as I will need to pay more money and tax from capital gain yearly if they could invest well (if they fail to gain money, I still need to pay the fee).   On the other hand, I read about  Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) and it costs tiny for buying (few Euros/transaction) and I'm not an active trader so I will not sell them until next 3 years. However, the risk is I don't know which ETF to buy for a good profit (5% / year is good enough) and I'm not sure Commerzbank has the online platform to allow me to buy ETF and sell them whenever I want.   Do you have any experience with it? Please share your opinion.  
  3. @someonesdaughter   Wow, thank you very much for your kindness. I also checked some other information on the Internet before reading your comment and I understood that this solidarity surcharge is a mandatory tax (not as my roommate said).   May I ask you another question about your statement " if you have paid too much tax, you will get back the overpaid portion of the income tax and the solidarity ". Since the beginning of 2018, I have 2 jobs (50% time per job), job 1 is tax class 1, job 2 is tax class 6. Do you think I've paid too much tax (e.g: for job with tax class 6)?   As I read about the tax return, one can claim the cost to travel from house to first working place and return (0.3 Euro / km / 1 way). I've been living nearby my office for 3 years (I walk daily to the office: 2 kms / 1 way so 4 kms / round trip). That is the only thing I think could add to the tax return claim. Do you think I should do it (so 220 working days * 4 kms * 0.3 Euros = 264 Euros) ?    My last question, in next months, if I take German courses (e.g: go to a high school and learn German to get B1 certificate, even though my job does not require German skill but let's say it helps me in professional work), I think it can be added to the tax return claim as well?   Danke schoen!    
  4. Hello,   I've been working in Germany fulltime for 3 years (I don't speak German - sorry to say), I'm single without children and I also had no idea about tax calculations.   Each year, I got a paper from employee with title "Ausdruck der elektronischen Lohnsteuerbescheinigung", example (not mine of course) https://wundertax.zendesk.com/hc/article_attachments/115004095005/lohnsteuerbescheinigung.png. Until last week, I got informed from a roommate who said If I check this paper, row number 5 "Einbehaltener Solidaritätszuschlag von 3."  and if it is not 0 then I can claim tax return from it.   I've collected these papers from the last 3 years (2016, 2017, 2018) and would like to claim some hundred Euros from Finanzamt (the roommate also said, I could visit this office and they would help to fill the tax claim papers).     Could you confirm that I could collect the money from my last 3 working years? I have fulltime job and the Brutto salary is ~3000 Euro/month and I summed the total money from the row number 5 from these tax papers which would give me ~800 Euro.   Thanks a lot.  
  5.   I don't speak German and my English is also mediocre, please give an advice. Let's say I have 1000 Euro (in German bank account from legal income) because the German bank's interest is 0% so it is not wise to keep money in my bank account. In my home country (3rd world country), the bank pays interest around 8%/year, so what I can do is transfer all Euro from my German bank to my home country bank account (foreign currency exchange). After 2 - 3 years, I'll withdraw all money from home country bank (local currency not Euro) and buy bitcoin via home country service market. Then, I will sell all bought bitcoin in Germany via European service market to gain Euro (at that time, 1000 Euro from the beginning should be like 1200 Euro). Do you think any problem with this strategy? Is that illegal? I knew if I hold Bitcoin for more than 1 year, I will not need to pay tax for capital gain in Germany, but will the German bank question about my income when I sell all bitcoins to get Euro?