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  1. Hallo,   Unfortunately soon I will be leaving lovely Germany to go live in another EU country : (   However I would want to keep my bank accounts open. It seems however that my current banks are not very friendly to the idea. Commerzbank said that if I change my address to one abroad they will charge me 30 euro per month, which I find excessive. N26 said that would not be possible as the new country is not on their list of supported countries.   So can someone recommend a bank where I can transfer my Commerzbank account and will be more friendly to moving my address abroad once I leave. I will still need to receive and send payments in Germany.   Thank you in advance!    
  2. Receiving mail (and keeping Anmeldung) after leaving Germany

    How would that affect the Tax Category? Aren't taxes deducted automatically before the payment is made?
  3. Receiving mail (and keeping Anmeldung) after leaving Germany

    Thank you very much for all the answers.   It is good to know that I will get the overpaid category 6 tax when I do the tax return, I think this is what I am going to do.   Just for context, I won't have income in the other income, those payments will still be my only income.   Unfortunately my employer insists on paying the remaining payments monthly.   Thanks again everyone
  4. Receiving mail (and keeping Anmeldung) after leaving Germany

    I was told it was going to happen what is described in point 6.5 here Basically they will move me from Tax category 1 to Tax category 6
  5. Receiving mail (and keeping Anmeldung) after leaving Germany

    I would want to remain registered in Germany because apparently if I deregister I will be put in a much higher tax category for the remaining payments. Also I'm not sure if it would be legal to have a running contract in Germany without being registered here.
  6. Hallo,   I've been living and working in Germany for just over two years now, unfortunately I will leave soon because of a change in the job situation. However, as I will keep receiving payments from my current job for the next few months I would need to keep my registration in Germany and it would be good to be able to receive mail from institutions.   So my question is - what would be the best way to do this? Obviously I can keep paying rent in my current apartment and keep everything as it is, but that would be a huge waste of money as I won't actually be living here and will also be paying rent in my new place. Is there a service like a PO box that I can pay a monthly fee to receive my mail there and also be able to switch my registration to that address? Any other suggestions would be appreciated.   Vielen Dank im Voraus
  7. 2-month rentals - where to check?

      Yes, I'm looking on, I've got one lead for a apart-hotel that is 1500 a month, which is okay, currently I'm looking if I can find something better.   Could you please link me to that apartment on fewo-direkt, I couldn't find anything there?   Thank you everyone for the replies, they are much appreciated!
  8. 2-month rentals - where to check?

    Servus,   Do you nice people have any tips on where to look for a 2-month apartment rental? So I've been living in Munich for 6 months and my current rental contract is expiring but I need to stay for 2 more months because of my job. Unfortunately it seems 2-months is this terrible middle-ground where it is too short for the likes of MrLodge (they only offer apartments for 6 months minimum) and too long for Airbnb (there are literally no apartments for the two months I'm looking for). The only places that I could find were SMARTments but their prices seem to be extremely high. Any tips and leads would be appreciated.   Vielen Dank
  9. Hallo everyone,   I started a job as a software developer 3-months ago. In my contract there is a 6-month non-competition clause (that after I leave the job I am not allowed to work for a competitor or I'll pay a hefty fee). The clause says that during this period I will receive 50% of my salary, which as far as I know is the minimum amount required by the German law. The clause also says that the company may waive the non-competition and thus not pay the compensation. My question is regarding this last part.   Unfortunately the job has been very disappointing and I'm considering to leave during my probation period. As I don't have the next job lined up, my plan is to depend on the non-compete compensation.   My questions are:      -Can I receive non-compete compensation if I leave before the probation period is over? This doesn't sound fair (for the employer) in some cases, for example if someone works for 1 day, quits and then he receives half salary for 6 months?     -Can the company really retract/waive the non-compete clause one-sidedly? This also doesn't seem fair (for the employee(, because if I apply for another job and they ask me "When can you start?" I need to answer "in 6 months" which will severely limit my options, but I will not be compensated for that?     -Is there a best course of action that will guarantee that the company can't back out from the non-compete compensation?     I'll be interested also to find a lawyer that can consult me online/over the phone/email/IM, of course I can send the contract and pay online, so if you know someone that is open to work like this I would be very grateful for a recommendation.   I'm an EU citizen and have been living and working in Germany for 2 years if that matters.   Thank you in advance