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  1. Thank you @kiplette for taking time for me. It means a lot.
  2. Hallo All, hope you all are doing well. I've to move to Hannover because Job change in July I'm trying to find the order in which I should proceed.     I know I have to  1. Abmelden from Lingen, Niedersachen 2. Find Apartment in Hannover 3. Get my kids admission in the schule 4. Anmelden in Hannover 5. Tell me my Vermieter I have to moved to different city (2 months Kündigungfrist)   I'm not sure which order I should proceed. The difficult thing for me to decide is, whether I should first find apartment in Hannover and then check for the School admission.  And How early should I find the apartment? If I find now and move in July, then schools are already closed in July because of summer. can someone give advice here?   Also, how should I secure admission in the school? do I have to call each school?     
  3.   Thank you @karin_brenig, you made me think clear as water.  How do I register my kids?  Do you mean calling Jugendamt?   @kiplette Thanks a lot for adding in. This is also our plan. But can we register our kids before the next year starts?