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  1. Thank you @kiplette for taking time for me. It means a lot.
  2.   Thank you @karin_brenig, you made me think clear as water.  How do I register my kids?  Do you mean calling Jugendamt?   @kiplette Thanks a lot for adding in. This is also our plan. But can we register our kids before the next year starts?
  3. Hallo All, hope you all are doing well. I've to move to Hannover because Job change in July I'm trying to find the order in which I should proceed.     I know I have to  1. Abmelden from Lingen, Niedersachen 2. Find Apartment in Hannover 3. Get my kids admission in the schule 4. Anmelden in Hannover 5. Tell me my Vermieter I have to moved to different city (2 months Kündigungfrist)   I'm not sure which order I should proceed. The difficult thing for me to decide is, whether I should first find apartment in Hannover and then check for the School admission.  And How early should I find the apartment? If I find now and move in July, then schools are already closed in July because of summer. can someone give advice here?   Also, how should I secure admission in the school? do I have to call each school?