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  1. Experience with kids learning German

    True... it really is a big change, especially at this age they are finishing their literacy process. I’ve asked at the school to talk to the teacher let’s see.  Also, the home is where children feel safer when living abroad so having the mother language spoken I think it’s more comforting...   No way I’ll attempt my German with him poor thing. It’s enough to buy bread and get around. Maybe in the future a little... ?  
  2. Experience with kids learning German

    Hello emkay,  thank you for your reply. You are right, I will reach out to the teachers first thing and then try to find a private class... He is doing social activities but I think the fact that he talks Portuguese at home also “slows down the process” a bit... but the school should give me some solution as well, at least trying to integrate him more... let’s see. Thanks!
  3. Hi! Moved to Freiburg in March 2019 with two kids, 7 and 10. My 10 year old attended those “immersion” classes for foreigners and picked up some German pretty fast (although he already has ability for languages...) but my youngest is going to a regular Grundschule and it’s been 6 months and he is still not talking at all!! Understands some things going on and what people say but not much at all. Does anyone have experience with how long it takes for children to adapt/ get some fluency? Although we are originally from Brasil (native Portuguese speakers, the experience in learning German I’d say it would be about the same...).  He will start to stay in the afternoon at school, I’m hoping that would help. Any experiences/ testimonials are welcome. I’m really concerned!  Thanks!!