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  1. A follow-on from the recently closed (Dec 2016) topic on "Brexit: UK referendum on leaving the EU. How it affects British expats"... Let's see where this snow ball eventually ends up.
  2. What would you pay for these?

    I'd start at 40 Euro. That's from my experience trying to find a decent outdoor socket/lamp combi which looks half way stable to the elements. The "quality" products start from that price. Depending on how artistic it looks (polished wood?) you could easily go higher, I reckon. No idea what your materials cost you!
  3. Cyber Monday in Germany

    My view on the VAT reduction in DE is that it helps businesses but not the end consumer. Next year, when VAT goes back up, demand will be less and the price will drop accordingly.  
  4. Cyber Monday in Germany

      xmas pressies for the teenage kids! But I'm interested to know whether there are any actual bargains to be had...
  5. Cyber Monday in Germany

    As cyber week 2020 is not far off, I thought I'd kick start this thread and ask if anyone has discovered or is anticipating any really genuine bargains...
  6. Pyur telling me I need to switch

    This is a scam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know because some guy came to my house a few months' ago with the same bullshit. I had a huge row with him because of a previous experience I had with a telephone con artist a year beforehand, who signed me up for a deal I did not want, and it took me ages to cancel the contract.   Tell him to f*ck off!   
  7. President Donald J. Trump

    Here J2: Stick this in your pipe and smoke it! Your crazy fraud claims make you as used and naive as many trump followers!! Where Trump's recount fundraising dollars are really going
  8. President Donald J. Trump

    That's not odd, compared to the fact that Paula White prayed for Trump and he still lost. He must have won! There's no two ways about it...just like the Earth is only 10000 year old. Don't go believing that dinosaur crap! Where's the evidence?Where's the evidence?Where's the evidence?Where's the evidence?Where's the evidence?Where's the evidence? Ring a bell?  
  9. President Donald J. Trump

      YES WE CAN...    
  10. AlexTr has been around for a while. Yes asking for help is fine, if genuine, otherwise you waste others' time and worse still might be a troll/alt who's just generating hits. It's a big deal here at the mo
  11. This is not the UK! Slipping them a fiver will only make things worse. You are going to have to explain why you did not pay on time. Best to tell them that you are enquiring to check whether the warning was not a fake, due to the many mistakes in the letter!
  12. (030) 9020-2377 (030) 9020-2159 (030) 9020-2339   these are the correct telephone numbers for the LHK Berlin. You could phone them and check.
  13. did you copy the warning over completely? If so, it looks dodgy to me. Also statements like "Ich muss Sie daher mahnen" (I must warn you") is not use of formal language!   How did you get it? By email? As far as I know, they send things only by post...
  14. Brexit: The fallout

    And wins longest post on the Brexit Thread!  (HF eat your heart out)
  15. PRESIDENT Trump has accused the FDA of deliberately not announcing the approval of a breakthrough coronavirus vaccine until after the election - his latest claim of a conspiracy to prevent his re-election.   That stinks of CHINA, CHINA, CHINA!  Bet he'll be claiming that the FDA is a chinese-supported institution!
  16. As far as I can see, the MSCI World Index has now hit the same level as at year start. Interesting to see how 2021 plays out. If a vaccine is achieved, going below 2020 levels hopefully will be avoided.
  17. "Biden" effect = certainty effect. I don't expect it to last...
  18. President Donald J. Trump

      The whole nation didn't say that. Approximately half!
  19.   they probably contain viruses, don't you think J2? DANGEROUS!! DO NOT OPEN, OR YOU MAY BECOME INFECTED!!