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  1. A follow-on from the recently closed (Dec 2016) topic on "Brexit: UK referendum on leaving the EU. How it affects British expats"... Let's see where this snow ball eventually ends up.
  2. Anyone recommend buying Wirecard shares??
  3. Stock market investing in Germany for dummies

    I'm not going to argue with a pro!  However, if I have a few K's to "spend" and see that for example, Wirecard shares have tumbled due to their hiding their finances from the authorities, but that they are otherwise an innovative fintech, can I not make a good investment now since the chances of the share price increasing by at least 30€ in the next few weeks look promising?    
  4. Stock market investing in Germany for dummies

    Trade Republic is not as good as Revolut!
  5. Coronavirus

      Balti, let me help you out here:   Dom, some reputable guy on the British Toytown Germany forum, thinks that NYU Professors of Medicine who are highly fixated on rectums is on the wrong track.   Better? 
  6. Coronavirus

      I'm sure we'll hear about REctally Administered UV-Radiation, or REAR, from Balti very soon... probably pre-published, i.e. straight from the horse's arse! 
  7. Why are you unhappy today?

    well said!   The funeral of my cousin will be streamed today on weeks after her death to covid. It's too weird to be partaking online.   I hope the UK Government gets to grips with this pandemic asap. Am really worried that UK based family are still at too high a risk. 
  8. Coronavirus

      WTF are you going on about? I simply mean there's no point in circulating articles on studies that have not yet been refereed! ...and many reputable institutions publish articles which I'm afraid make no significant impact. You can start taking zinc sulfate daily if you want...just don't overdose yourself!  
  9. Coronavirus

      Oh dear, Baticus! Is that your answer as to why unrefereed articles should be circulated by you?   If NYU GMS is 4th in the US, they may become number 1 if they publish on injecting disinfectant into the lungs of patients!  It is probably more intellectual than to pick up whatever they first find on the shelf in their garden shed !  
  10. Coronavirus

    Zinc? WTF should zinc actually do against corona? Zinc ions are pretty unspecific. We should put our hopes on antibodies, vaccines and ACE2 inhibitors.  
  11. Coronavirus

      I would not bother reading unrefereed preprints!   What is an unrefereed preprint? Before formal publication in a scholarly journal, scientific and medical articles are traditionally certified by “peer review.” In this process, the journal’s editors take advice from various experts—called “referees”—who have assessed the paper and may identify weaknesses in its assumptions, methods, and conclusions. Typically a journal will only publish an article once the editors are satisfied that the authors have addressed referees’ concerns and that the data presented support the conclusions drawn in the paper. Because this process can be lengthy, authors use the medRxiv service to make their manuscripts available as “preprints” before certification by peer review, allowing other scientists to see, discuss, and comment on the findings immediately. Readers should therefore be aware that articles on medRxiv have not been finalized by authors, might contain errors, and report information that has not yet been accepted or endorsed in any way by the scientific or medical community. We also urge journalists and other individuals who report on medical research to the general public to consider this when discussing work that appears on medRxiv preprints and emphasize it has yet to be evaluated by the medical community and the information presented may be erroneous.
  12. Coronavirus

  13.   only picture I could find of the mortuary
  14.   "According to a recent study (May 1st 2020) you have a 30% chance of dying if you end up in a British hospital with COVID-19. That’s about the same overall mortality rate as for Ebola in 2014 in West Africa."
  15.   Sorry mate! My cousin died some weeks' ago and she's been put in a queue to be haven't heard back since. A HUGE mortuary has been erected in East London/Essex (Wanstead flats) where body has been taken. Family say it is heart-wrenching to see how many bodies are being transported there on a daily basis. WTF is going on?????    
  16. you meant 90 mins and not 2 hours?   Yes I think it is legal. However, your acceptance should have been asked for and you should have the option of a refund if you do not wish to accept this new offer.
  17. Coronavirus

    Hello everyone! As someone who works in healthcare research and development, I have been dismayed by some of the misinformation being circulated on corona/covid19/antibodies/vaccines. Especially by politicians who should know better, but choose to spread nonsense to further their own aims.   So let me share this link with you, which, in my opinion, is the best fact- and personal experience-based article on the topic to date - written by a true expert. Warning! It is quite sobering...
  18. Brexit: The fallout

    Guess who won the foot in mouth award in 2019...?   Foot in Mouth awards 2019 Boris Johnson "Can you make a promise to the British public that you will not go back to Brussels and ask for another delay to Brexit?" "Yes, I can. I'd rather be dead in a ditch" And yet, as with so many things this year’s Foot in Mouth winner has said, it was almost immediately contradicted. Boris went back to Brussels – as everyone knew he was obliged to do – and asked for another delay to Brexit. Language, clarity, honesty: these are not thing the Prime Minister seems too worried about. The things he says, we are reminded, are not to be taken seriously. As Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has a responsibility to be serious. Most politicians are selective with the truth, and many regularly dodge questions. But clarity and seriousness are the least we should expect from the leader of our country. Sadly, he seems as happy as ever to put his foot in his mouth, regardless of the consequences. As such, we’re delighted to crown Boris Johnson an unprecedented third time winner of this award.  
  19. Brexit: The fallout

      Is there a point in quoting buffoons? At least Bloom no longer holds any positions of responsibility.That is good news!   An excerpt from Wiki: In December 2013, as a result of his various controversies, Bloom was awarded the Plain English Campaign's Foot in Mouth Award. A spokesman said that Bloom was "an overwhelming choice" who "could easily have won this award on at least two other occasions... [he's] a wince-inducing gaffe machine and we could fill a page or two with his ill-advised quotes from 2013 alone".  
  20. Brexit: The fallout

      I read that the delay was in-part due to Boris' conviction that you cannot enforce such a restriction of movement on the british people. Funny that, since with brexit, restriction of movement seemed to be the top priority!  
  21. Brexit: The fallout

      Agreed, but a shotgun no-deal brexit will do UK industry no favours.    
  22. Brexit: The fallout

      It would be madness not to postpone the brexit deadline given the COVID pandemic. The stubbornness with which a no-deal results in 2021 will surely kill many more UK businesses.The IMF certainly thinks so:   I keep thinking back to that royal variety performance:    
  23. Brexit: The fallout

      Not true! I simply hate rhetoric over reality and there is too much rhetoric in British, mostly Tory, politics. It stops being a joke when lives are put at risk.   I can even admit that the EU's response to the COVID situation has been disappointing. So it is heartwarming to hear that the UK has joined the EU initiative in seeking global funding for research into a covid-19 vaccine, especially when listening to Boris Johnson talking about joining forces and sharing information in this fight against a common enemy: