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  1. They should be reported. They are effectively increasing the risk of infection in the building, town, community where they illegally are meeting. It's not about the 200€ fine - it is the increased risk.   There are some SICKENING things going on from ignorant or just plain evil people:   'Coronavirus coughing' at emergency workers could lead to two years in jail, says CPS The Crown Prosecution Service has put out a statement today saying that anyone using “coronavirus coughs” to threaten emergency workers could face serious criminal charges. It follows reports that police officers, shop workers and others have been coughed at by people claiming to have the disease. The CPS says that using coughing in this way as a threat could lead to someone being charged with common assault. And it says that assaults specifically against emergency workers are punishable by up to two years in prison.  
  2. Coronavirus

    I'm grateful to you guys for posting your analyses, since such trends especially of death rates aren't being officially released. I've heard several times on DE TV that the UKs death rate will surpass Italy's very soon due to lack of NHS resources. But this looks not to be supported by your analysis above - correct?
  3. Coronavirus

    this was the graphic that caused the UK Government to implement the mandatory lock-down as opposed to friendly recommendations: 
  4. Coronavirus

    Azithromycin is a fu*king antibiotic! This joker should better recommend a jack daniels every 15 minutes 
  5. Coronavirus

    as every one of us is in some kind of lock down, the potential for blogs and the internet to spread bull shit is immense! Much worse, is that leaders like the Donald endorse such bull shit. Trump wants to restart the economy asap? Who doesn't?! But claiming drugs for other diseases will sort of the corona pandemic by the end of next week is a lie. I work in pharma research. I have worked on single projects -and generated over 10000 chemical compounds- for 10 years in order to find the magic bullet against specific diseases. It does not work overnight, and guesses or cutting of red tape does not achieve much in the search!
  6. Brexit: The fallout

      Thanks for that fact, backed up by reputable data! 
  7. Coronavirus

    My "bold" prediction: the UK will have the highest corona death rate in Europe
  8. Coronavirus

    As someone who works in pharma research, let me say that the info on chloroquine is anecdotal and I dare say, political. I'm afraid that the Donald seems to think he is a genius in every field that becomes relevant to him. There is no reason why an antiviral drug or a vaccine against Corona cannot be developed, but it cannot appear on the shelves overnight because a stable genius thinks cutting red tape is all that is needed.  
  9. Coronavirus

      saw it and found it very well done. Appealing to all to take the necessary steps to contain the virus, as a matter of solidarity, I found to be spot on. She even mentioned that from personal experience, she appreciates how serious it is to close borders and restrict movement. For me it was authentic, and politically balanced, since she cannot declare new regulations which are taken on a decentralized level. Nice one, Angie!
  10. Coronavirus  
  11. Coronavirus

    the investment guru has spoken!  will have to "do something positive" with the corona disaster myself this week...
  12. Coronavirus

    so with the stockmarkets in freefall, anyone thought about buying stock??
  13. Brexit: The fallout    
  14. Brexit: The fallout

    Farage thinks Brexit is the reason why Trump hasn't banned travel from the UK due to coronavirus   What he forgets is that Ireland IS in the EU!