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  1. to be honest radgostar needs to provide some details...the whole thing seems dodgy to me
  2. Will the banks collapse?

    thanks for starting this topic! This is very worrying. But I thought this time the banks have loads of cash they got from the governments in 2004
  3. as I say,  a verbal agreement in germany has no legal meaning...
  4. Is this for real? Who makes a verbal agreement for 25K? Do you have a written contract at all? If not, the situation is hopeless...
  5. Buying a VW Campervan in Germany?

    Hi, any updates from anyone on the best camper to buy? With the Corona crisis not looking to end anytime soon, I'm considering replacing my MPV with a camper... Any tips would be appreciated!
  6. President Donald J. Trump

    OMG, that usually means only one thing 
  7. Brexit: The fallout

    EU lives matter!!
  8. Brexit: The fallout

      Irish lives matter!
  9. would you reveal what your average return has been? I might ask you for his telephone number 
  10.   Fraufruit-ful indeed! Didn't you know you have a positive reputation here as a stock-guru!!  (with or without professional help)!
  11.   I have finally realised why you call yourself fraufruit! 
  12. I compared a pharma ETF with an all-world equivalent. As far as I can tell, the rebound after Corona has been over 20% for the pharma ETF compared with ca 7% for all-world:        
  13. what about pharma firm(s) that is working on a corona vaccine? Gilead shares rocketed already
  14. Brexit: The fallout

    Murphaph is right - "no to foreigners taking our jobs" was the intent of many brexit voters. Only a handful of nostalgic british aristocrats know what the commonwealth actually is and care. Most brits probably hate the commonwealth because England loses to those fuc*ers to cricket!