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  1. Finding an apartment in Leipzig

    😀...oh no! I haven't got so close to taking action yet..it was to cheer myself up if all there will be on offer, when I come..will be cheap concrete slab .ugly.. buildings..    But I'm not so much concerned with *chic*, on my own behalf.   So far...I think it may be unlikely that Germany has anything like the vast collection of cheap-places-to-buy or rent, that are still not too hard to find in France. That's where I am now.  
  2. Finding an apartment in Leipzig

    Very interesting thank you Arsenal 21 and Fraufruit...I understand how apartments made of concrete slabs, very cheaply, could be ugly and poor quality, but I rather like the photo of the updated, renovated Plattenbaus, such basic materials and shapes must ideal for this kind of renovation. 
  3. Finding an apartment in Leipzig

    Maybe I'm in the wrong place...? I was interested reading the posts here, by accident. Thinking about move to Germany,  dual nationality, Brit German. Not much German language yet, but will learn and I can get an instant voice translator... I'm old but still working,. Art,..tiny income but I like my work. Ideally, I love those quaint allotment shanty homes, built during the war, outside Berlin..I'm dreaming of a really small place, nothing deluxe at all, on the edge of a city.. Dusseldorf sounds wonderful, not far from my family's village. All gone now.  
  4. Finding an apartment in Leipzig

    What is bad about them, please? If you don't mind me interrupting.. I'm just beginning to think of a move to Germany, Essen or Dusseldorf region maybe, have no idea at all about ways to find cheap accommodation... I like small and basic...cat permitted...