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  1. On 21/01/2021, 12:19:12, kapil354 said:

    Dima was wondering if these algo trading platforms are any good? Would love to get some guidance here... 

    yes, you can make from 0.01% to 10% daily gain. RevenueBot is the easiest to use, plenty of alternatives too.

    They only problem they make 100's of transactions per day so you need CoinTracking account for your tax report.


  2. hey people,

    a friend of mine was deported in 1994 from Germany for basking on the street, now he wants to come back as a tourist and wants to make crystal clear his status has been cleared. My friends country of origin is Israel, they are visa-free, so he does not want any nasty surprises on the border control in Germany.

    Any advice how to check this officially?