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  1. yes, you can make from 0.01% to 10% daily gain. RevenueBot is the easiest to use, plenty of alternatives too. They only problem they make 100's of transactions per day so you need CoinTracking account for your tax report.
  2. Coronavirus

    I have just stated the fact number's don't confirm we have a pandemic. Nothing about " dismiss long term effects of survivors ". What about people who missed their treatment and died of cancer and other serious illnesses?  
  3. Coronavirus

    welcome to visit the official sources, data has not changed much, the difference is insignificant.
  4. Coronavirus

      That is correct and factual, before the news tests came out seasonal influenza (flu) and COVID-19 (type of Influenza) were all counted as COVID-19. And yes, of course, there is a huge financial stimulus for medical institutions to focus on the latest trend, German hospitals were getting close to 500 Euros per day to keep an ICU bed empty, etc etc   https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2020/jul/3/fda-approves-diagnostic-test-distinguish-between-f/   And here is the German company who JUST released the new test, there was a French test-maker who came out with the same news.   It's good to do some research before jumping to conclusions.
  5. Coronavirus

    How come in Sweden not excessive death while no lockdowns have ever been implemented?     It gets even better when comparing AT, DE, IT and SW death rate:
  6. hi Crypto Experts, How do go about paying taxes on a bot trading cryptocurrencies on my behalf? The bot can make 1000's of automatic transactions per month, how can I submit this much information to Finanzamt? Or do I pay the profit for the capital gains only? thanks in advance!