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  1. Anmeldung

    Thank you for everyone's help. I inquired from Burgeramt. One can have two residence registered in his name: Haupwohnung (main) and Nebenwohnung (second). One cannot register a new address before moving in.
  2. Anmeldung

    Yes, I already have the rental contract. Actually, the employer offers subsidised travel tickets for which they need to have my address evidence. It seems they need to be explained that it is not possible to have such a document before I officially move in.
  3. Anmeldung

  4. Hi, I have a permanent stay visa. I have started working as an online freelancer as a second job with add on monthly income of around 500 Euro. 1. How to go about tax paying? 2. How much will I have to return in taxes? 3. If I do not wish to follow this online freelancing for long, are there any chances of my bank account being investigated? I am currently having serious financial debts and forced to do the online work. Thank you
  5. Anmeldung

    Hi, I am moving to a new city for a new job without my family (spouse and kid). How does the anmeldung works in such a scenario? Q1. Can I have anmeldung in both the cities? Q2. Can I register a new address before moving to a new place as my employer cannot offer me travel ticket unless I register my new address? Thank you