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  1. Getting married in Hamburg

    What is the Standesamt and How to do that? Is the Standesamt the same office where I made my address registration when I first moved to Hamburg?
  2. Getting married in Hamburg

    My girlfriend and I would like to get married. We are aware of the paper work needed already but we don't who to contact to get the process started to save time as we are already collecting the needed papers?  We are both not German.
  3. My girlfriend and I recently moved from Tallinn, Estonia to Hamburg, Germany on the 11th of October this year after I got a job in Germany. I am an Egyptian national so I cam here with a Blue Card Visa and waiting for my appointment on the 10th of Jan to apply for the residence permit. I am insured in TK (public insurance).My girlfriend is an Estonian national who have been unemployed since August this year as she left her job and we traveled  two months for vacation before going to Germany. She is not insured in Germany yet.We came to realize that she is pregnant so we wanted to insure her in the health system in Germany. First we tried with the public insurance TK and they requested an E104 document from her Estonian public health insurance provider. We provided that to them but as she wasn't insured from August till October, they said that they cannot insure her. As far as I understand any EU national who was insured previously in a public insurance system in the EU is eligible for the voluntary health insurance in Germany. Right?So we tried with Private insurance but nobody wanted to take her as she is pregnant.My girlfriend is 3 months pregnant now and the doctor bills have been so expensive. We are planning to get married but that would require me to obtain the residence permit and that would take months!Kindly advice.